Chapter ThreeMature

The dude standing in the doorway was tall, and quite good looking. But…what was up with his aura?  Leon’s look mirrored mine. He must have seen it too. I looked away from Leon and looked to Lucifer waiting for his explanation. He remained silent.

“Well? Who’s this?” I asked Lucifer when he remained silent.

“My name…” replied the guy “… is Kane Johnston. I’m the one who heard about this and told your step-father.” He had dark eyes, (hard to tell if they were brown or black) and short light brown hair gelled into spikes down the middle. Kind of like David’s Beckham’s (I’ve seen his picture on the news). He was wearing a red plain t-shirt and a dark denim jacket that had had it sleeves cut off at the shoulder, black jeans and black boots. And, I don’t think he’s smiled in a while.

Zen let out another deep growl as he leapt up into my lap. Hackles raised. I put my hand on his head to hush him, but I still didn’t let my guard down. Look, I’ll only attack, if he can’t come any closer into the room. The incense should repel him if he is a Lost Soul. I told myself. Zen continued to growl. I rubbed my fingers on his rumbling throat. He did quieten down but he didn’t take his eyes off Kane.

“Could me an Leon have a word in private with Lucifer? Please?” I asked Kane.

He shrugged and walked out of the room. I waited until he padded the hall before I spoke.

“What, the hell, is he?” I shouted as Zen jumped off my lap as I leapt from my seat. Rain started to patter gently on the roof, gradually getting harder. Naked tree branches tapped the window pane like long, bony fingers.

“He’s human, but…something else.” Lucifer replied.

“Then what’s the something?”

“I don’t know!” barked Lucifer. This was unusual. Lucifer almost never lost his temper. Something was definitely up with this Kane guy. If Kane was even his real name. 

“Look, I’ve just got one question…” I asked. Zen padded over towards the door and pressed his ear to the door.  “…Is he human, or a Lost Soul ?”

“I think he’s something In between.”

“You think?” Leon shouted now on his feet. “When dealing with something like this dangerous we need to be sure! Those are you’re words aren’t they?”

“Yes, look I’m sorry, but I cant be more sure. I think-”

“What?” I interrupted. “You think what?” I knew I shouldn’t be so disrespectful, but I didn’t care. I was too angry. Not necessarily at Lucifer, but at Kane. For waltzing in here and screwing everything up. Everything was fine (or as fine as being a Guardian could be) until he came in.

Lucifer just stared at us with pleading eyes.

“Right, so we don’t know what he is, where he came from or even why he came to us with this information. Oh yeah, and can we trust him?” is shot at Lucifer.

“If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that we can trust him.”

Leon sat down heavily in the plush chair. “And how are you sure?”

“You know how” Lucifer replied. Lucifer had always had… what he called ‘feelings’, he could sense things and they’d usually be true. But that wasn’t his Guardian power. Although he looked kind of scrawny, he had immense strength. But he was still gentle when handling me or Leon.

“I guess we can trust your instincts.” I shrugged “They’ve never failed before. But if they are wrong.” I pointed a finger at Lucifer.

“Then you can hold me fully responsible.” His frown lines deepened.

“Zen,” I looked to where he sat near the door, and he stared back at me. “Go get Kane in for me please.” I walked to the door and opened it for Zen. He scampered down the hall to get him. I sighed as I exchanged worried glances with Leon.

Zen scampered in followed slowly by Kane who had his hands in his pockets looking less than impressed. Then I noticed why. He’d got rips in the bottom of his jeans. Whoops.

I stifled a giggle. “I’ve lost track of how many pairs of mine and Leon’s and Lucifer’s trousers I’ve had to repair. He does have trouble with he’s teeth. He’s just a little more ruthless when he’s in a bad mood. “Sorry ‘bout that. Nothing personal.” I laughed. Kane looked less than impressed. He stood next to the table at which Lucifer sat. Ok, he was in close range of the incense and it did nothing to him.

I was ultimately confused now.  “So what exactly do you want us to do?” I asked.

“Go with Kane; find the one whose trying to get in touch with the Lord of the dead.” Replied Lucifer back to his calm usual self.

I stared at him in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening. He had to mean something else. Anything but this! But, Lucifer didn’t lie.

Go with Kane? Go with cocky, grumpy, too serious Kane? I had a feeling this wasn’t going to end well. Zen was restless, he wouldn’t sit still. Couldn’t blame him though. I didn’t trust Kane either. He just buried his nose into the thick carpet.

“Looks like your stuck with me. Sorry ‘bout that”. Kane said mimicking my voice. I grimaced at him. The smirk didn’t go. Oh I so wanted to punch him. I could see Leon ‘s fists clenching and unclenching in his lap. In my mind I was secretly willing Leon to punch him. Lucifer must have guessed what we were thinking and gave us a warning look. Never get on the wrong side of Lucifer it never ended well.

“Right, I need you to go to this destination,” Lucifer started but stopped abruptly when Kane snatched the map out of his hand. Lucifer said nothing but glared at Kane. Kane remained oblivious. “We have reason to believe that the person who is continually weakening the veil between our world and the Lost Soul s is conducting these rituals in the forest near to this town. It is near Cardiff, so there will be a long train ride.” I let out a groan. I hated the travelling. We were nearer to London right about now. Loooong train ride then. It was my turn to be glared at. I held up my hands in a gesture to say ‘I won’t do it again.’ “Look, I know you hate the train rides, and I hate to tell you this, but I won’t be able to meet you there straight away.”

Leon ‘s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “How come?” he asked.

“I have unfinished business that I need to deal with here.”

“And will Mr. Smiles be staying with you?” I asked hopefully. Please say yes, please say yes please say yes!

“No, Kane will be going with you.” I groaned for the hundredth time and sank back down into the chair and crossed my arms. I suddenly realised that Zen had been very quiet while we had been talking. “Zen?” I called jumping to my feet and looking around the room. My eyes darted to the door of the hotel room. It was open. Just open enough for a small wolf like creature to walk through without the movement of the door being noticed. Zen was nowhere to be seen. I looked at Leon, my eyes wide with fear. He looked equally as worried, as did Lucifer. Kane remained seemingly devoid of all emotions.

The End

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