Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two


Half an hour later we left for the train.  Zen sat clinging on to my shoulder. Once we’d picked up our tickets at the office (Lucifer had pre-booked them for us) we sat away from everybody else though we never took our eyes off them, constantly scanning their auras, nothing but sparkling pale bluey-green light emanating from their bodies. All completely human.

But then, out of the corner of my eye, a lilac glitter caught my eye. I whipped my head to the right to look at it. All of the other humans were to the left of us. And no human’s aura should be any shade of purple, unless they were near death. And even then it’s only a small flicker. But this was just too purple. I crouched down to take a closer look. Leon frowned at me but I put my fingers to my lips in a shushing motion. I acted as if I had dropped something, so as not to draw attention to myself.

Zen hopped off my shoulder onto the cold metal bench, he sensed no threat, and so I relaxed a little. I looked around the bench and there sat a small, pale, young girl. She was far to pale to still be alive. And her aura was completely purple. She must have passed away at young age and have lost her way to the after life. Poor thing.

“Hello?” I said quietly. The little girl looked up from where she sat; she was hugging her knees to her chest. She had pale blonde hair, and even paler blue eyes. Her entire expression spelled fear. “It’s ok; don’t be afraid, I can help you.” I put my hand out, palm up to show I posed as no threat.

The little Lost Soul sniffed. Her eyes were rimmed with red. “Where’s mummy? She was in the hospital then the doctors laid a sheet over her face. I didn’t see her again. Then I got ill. Daddy cried a lot too. Where’s my mummy and daddy?!” the little girl cried.

I looked into her pale, beautiful blue eyes. They reminded me of Leon’s eyes.

I pulled out my Dagger from the leather sheath strapped on to my upper thigh. “I’m sorry, I’m not sure, but I think I might know.” I replied. The girl’s eyes were glued to the dagger I held. I didn’t worry because I was out of sight of the other people and they wouldn’t be able to see the little girl anyway. Not while the Dagger was out of its leather sheath. While the Dagger was out of it sheath, for any Guardian, it created a sort of bubble around us that would adjust the size of itself so the humans don’t see the Lost Soul s. I don’t know how it works. I think it’s the material of the blade. As I leaned forward to cut a hole to the nether world, the cold silver chain that hung around my neck to show I was a Guardian slipped out from beneath my top. The little girl gasped as it glittered in the early March sunlight. The little girl’s slim delicate fingers stretched out to touch the chain. I cut open a hole just big enough for the girl to get through. “Go through there. Do you remember your mother’s name?” the little girl nodded slowly. “I’m sure someone will help you if you tell them who you’re looking for.” The little girl nodded and crawled through the hole. She turned to look back and waved

“Thank you. I’ll tell mummy that you helped me.” She smiled at me and waved as I waved back. The Veil sealed itself just as the little girl had gone through, to look for her mother. I hope she finds her.

“Was she ok?” Leon asked as I sat down, between Leon and Zen.

“Yeah, she’d just lost her way.” I replied. I pulled my black coat closer to me as a chilling wind whipped my hair into my face. Zen nuzzled his way into my coat. “Oi, that’s my body heat, I need it for myself! I don’t have enough to share” He ignored me. He just snuggled down any way.

  Luckily the train only took five minutes to arrive at the station. Usually taking a small fox coloured wolf didn’t fit in well with the rest of the public that aren’t fellow Guardians so I carried a large shoulder bag that contained my private mobile, my   D. Dagger (its easier to call it the D. Dagger instead of the Divine Dagger, it’s a bit of a mouth full) and Zen sits in it too. I have to quite commonly empty it to lean it of fur and crumbs. He does make up for it though he helps me fight the Lost Soul s, so I think I can put up with a few pieces of fur and food.

  We sat in one of the middle carriages, in a double seat with nobody in front of us. I didn’t want people giving me funny looks when I passed a piece of cereal bar into my bag. I waited half an hour until I gave Zen the food. His black eyes shining out of the darkness in my bag. Waiting patiently for his food. I ripped open the wrapper and tore the bar in half as best I could. I popped the bigger half into my mouth, and passed the smaller half into the bag. Zen slipped it out of my fingers and munched on it happily. I listened to him shuffle around in the bag for a while, before he settled down for the trip. I knew we had a while to go so I also shut my eyes and tried to catch up on the sleep I’d lost out on earlier while Leon sat and played Tetris on his mobile.

  No matter how relaxed I was, I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know whether it was because Lucifer was calling us to him instead of just texting s our jobs. It’s not like anybody could hack our phones, as well as a great Guardian, he’s also a computer whizz so has encrypted all the Guardians phones with over a million codes, all different for each phone. It would take months to hack a Guardians phone, and by then we’ve deleted the text and the call log. So nobody can know what were doing and try to stop it. 

  So while I was trying unsuccessfully to sleep, I started to think again, as I had many times before, about what Lucifer had told me. About how I was the first Guardian to have a power that wasn’t inside me. I didn’t know whether to be afraid or amazed. Everybody else could do things with their bodies or their minds, like have immense strength or move things with their minds. But me? Nah, I couldn’t be the normal one. I didn’t just have to live with the memory of my parents being killed in front me; I had to live with the fact that there was nobody else like me to talk to. I had to get someone else to fight my battles for me. But I love Zen; I’d die if he’d gone back to the stuffed toy my dad had bought me back all those years ago. Oh, who knows? I can’t change my power. There’s nothing I can do.

  I let out a deep sigh. Too many thoughts were spinning around my head. My head hurt. I had stop thinking about these things. Why did it matter? Because I’d always just wanted to fit in. Having a power like that meant I wasn’t normal. And it wasn’t everyday you have your parents killed in front of you, was it?

  I looked past Leon and stared out of the window. We were passing a field. Sheep with their spring lambs. They all seemed so peaceful and happy. Unaware of what their future may hold.

  “You might want to get your stuff together. We’re almost there.” Leon said.

  I let out a deep sigh. I heard Zen yawn from inside my bag I reached in and scratched behind his ear.

  Five minutes later, Leon hoisted down my suitcase for me and passed it down before fetching his own down off the overhead shelf. Zen started shuffling around inside my bag.

  “Don’t start moving yet,” I whispered “wait ‘till were…wherever Lucifer’s meeting us. Where are we meeting him?” I asked Leon.

  “He just said he’ll meet us outside the station.” Replied Leon. “So I guess we’ll see him out side.”

  “Bit public isn’t it?” I said I grabbed the chair in front to brace myself as the train jerked to a stop.

  Leon simply shrugged, “He’ll probably take us somewhere and talk to us there.”

  I sighed. Who knows what Lucifer had in store for us? I zipped my bag shut leaving a small space so Zen could stick his nose to have a sniff once in a while. He liked to sniff. And run. And chase things. Especially butterflies. He didn’t eat them, or even hurt them, just chased them.

  I took in a deep breath, relieved to be off the hot stuffy train. Leon ran his long fingers through his short dark hair. We walked through the ticket office to the other side facing the road. We couldn’t see Lucifer. He was late. Again. No surprise there then. Although he was a great Guardian he was a bit off when it came to timing. Unless, of course, when a Lost Soul was involved or an important meeting at the Organisation. So we waited. And waited. And waited for half an hour. Until Lucifer finally showed up. He’d bought sandwiches’. Well… I guess we could forgive him if he’d got me a roast chicken salad sandwich and got Zen a couple a those Pedigree doggie biscuits he liked (sure they were for dogs, but they don’t make Wolfie biscuits and he doesn’t seem to mind and they keep his teeth healthy so… who cares?).

  Once we’d exchanged our greetings we made our way to a private hotel room. (Very expensive, very posh, very Lucifer) he was wearing his long, blonde hair in a tight ponytail. His brown eyes shining. He was wearing a black shirt and red tie that fell forward as he rested his elbows on his knees and cradled his chin in his hands.

  “Sorry I couldn’t call you with your brief but this is something I had to tell you in person…” Leon and I leaned forward and gave him a prompting look. He sighed deeply, “Look, I wish there was somebody else I could go to, but there’s nobody else I could trust as much as you two.” Even Zen was listening closely now. His ears kept twitching towards the windows but they were mainly pointed towards Lucifer.

  He was burning some incense. I could never remember what the name of it was all I knew was that it one of the few that had the power to repel Lost Soul s. No matter how powerful. Or at least none that we’ve experienced yet.

  Lucifer leaned back in his chair entwined his fingers in his lap. “It concerns the Lord of the Dead.” I involuntarily widened my eyes, and saw Leon do the same. The Lord of the Dead is a fearsome being; I’ve never seen him in person, no one alive today ever has, at least not seen him and lived. He has unbelievable power. He can manipulate humans and Lost Soul s alike to his will. “We have reason to believe that someone has ripped the veil from our world to Lost Soul ’s, so the Lord of the Dead can be freed.” Our ancestors, over thousands of years ago who were also part of the Organisation, had defeated the Lord of the Dead and stranded him between our world. No way in. No way out. No escape.

  I leapt up from my seat. “WHAT?” I cried in unison with Leon. Leon looked away as if to say I could say what we were both clearly thinking. “Are you sure?” I asked.

  “Yes.” Lucifer replied, his voice grim.

  “Who told you?” asked Leon, calmer than I would have expected. But he was still grimacing.

  “I did.” The voice came from the direction of the bathroom. A young man (probably the same age or a bit older than Leon) was standing in the doorway. I blinked. No, I was sure, his aura, it was pale bluey-green, with lilac patches. But he looked no where near death, and there was no way he was a Lost Soul. What was he? 

The End

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