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15 year old Skylah is a Guardian. Being a Guardian means that she and her older brother Leon and Step-father Lucifer, have to fight spirits wandering the earth called called Lost Souls.
But now, somebody is weakening the veil between the human and spirit world. But who is it that wants to destroy the veil, let Lost Souls wander the Earth freely and bring the Lord of the Dead back to this world?
And will Skylah and Leon be able to stop them in time? It seems that there's only a dark, bloo

Eternal Guardian



  Darkness has fallen over earth. Lost Spirits walk the land, and it is our duty, as the Guardians, to stop them and return them to the netherworld. Some have chosen the power to become monsters and prowl the earth looking for human sacrifices. Others have been unwillingly summoned to do a humans dark bidding. We have yet to find out who has weakened the veil between our world and theirs.

  We at the Organization all work together to stop those that have turned to the darkness. We are known as the Organization. We are only recognised by the pendant that we all wear, as a symbol of who we are. We aren’t even known by most of the humans, because they are probably unaware that those closest to them may be wandering the earth, unable to rest in peace.

  They are what, or who, we call the Lost Soul s. It is our duty to make sure they get the rest they deserve. The humans with darkness in their hearts can control the Lost Soul s if they choose to, but this usually ends up in blood soaked death for everyone near at the time. We must stop them before the Lord of the Dead is raised once more, his only goal to reducing our world to ash.

Until my death, I shall do everything in my power to stop them. It’s the same for all of the Guardians who work for the Organisation. It is a long and dangerous path that we are chosen to walk. Just thank god that I don’t have to do it alone.


























Chapter One


It’s dark.

  The rain’s falling fast and hard. It feels like rain drops are going to pierce my skin like thousands of tiny needles. The rain washes the blood down the street next to where I kneel.

  Unable to move. Unable to stand. 

  There’s a body next to me. No, two bodies. They’re not moving. The blood that passes me is the blood coming from their necks. The severed throats of my parents.

I can’t see because of the rain and tears that fill my eyes. I hear a crunching noise. I look up to see the distorted, mutated, disgusting body of the Lost Soul. His skin is the colour of the night that shrouds us, only without the light of the moon and stars.

  Just as I look up his head twists to look at me. He’s eyes are huge, bloodthirsty, crimson. His mouth filled with razor sharp, curved teeth, his multiple arms writhing, waiting to kill another. His entire body and all his limbs are twisted into impossible angles; he stands about seven feet tall.

  Just as he lets out a blood curdling scream, he charges right at me. Blood dripping from his pointed chin. Still clutching a bone in his hand. And then… then…

Then I wake up from the nightmare. I was only 5 years old and my older brother Leon was 8 when our parents were killed before us by a Lost Soul. It had been summoned by a human with too many dark intentions. He couldn’t keep control of the spell to manipulate the Lost Soul, so it turned on the one who summoned it and ripped him to shreds. Knowing nothing but the need to kill. In this state, Level G, there is nothing to do for them but plunge our Devine Daggers, bestowed upon Guardians to free the Lost Souls, into their hearts to release their soul.

“Skylah… Skylah? Are you awake yet?”

It was Leon. Despite being awake I hadn’t opened my eyes since waking from the nightmare that I keep having. Over and over again. I opened my eyes to see Leon’s smiling face looking down at me. Looking past him I stared at the beige ceiling of the hotel we were staying at. I’d lost track of how many times we’d moved to stay with friends, it was easier and safer for everyone to just stay at hotels now. We get the money to pay for everything because we have a private source that puts our money straight into our private bank account.

“Are you getting up today?” Leon asked with a smirk.

“Whatever” I replied. I sat up wiping sleep from my eyes. “I amnot a morning person. Just encase you’ve forgotten.” I turned to look out of the window. The sun was just starting to peek through the curtains of the hotel room. Uurggh. Whoever scheduled for the sunrise to be so early should be punished. Severely.

“C’mon lazy bones, we’ve had a brief.”

“Lucifer?” I asked

“Yeah, and it’s near…er than usual.”  I just sat up in bed and hung my head.

“That dream again?” he asked. His icy blue eyes full of understanding. I nodded raising my head to look at him. “Just be thankful that that Lucifer was there to save us.”

I groaned as I fell back into the big pillow, taking in its musty smell.

“Whoa, no! You’re not going back to bed!”

“I’m already in bed; I was planning to go to sleep for another few hours, dummy.”

I clutched the quilt under my chin. Bad Idea, very bad Idea. Leon grabbed the end of the covers and yanked. I unwillingly rolled out of bed and landed in a tangled heap on the floor.

“C’mon get dressed, Lucifer’s waiting for us.”

When our parents were murdered, it was Lucifer who took us in, cared for us, he’s our adoptive father. He’s also a Guardian. Like me and Leon. He’s kind of the head of the Organisation.

I found my way out of the tangle of sheets and started digging around the hotel room looking for my clean jeans. I dug them out of draw and pulled them on with a purple long sleeved t-shirt.

I brushed my red hair into some sort of order in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection. My dark green eyes stared back at me. I made sure my side fringe covered the right side of my face. It wasn’t that I exactly liked the style but before Lucifer had got to us, the Lost Soul that had attacked my parents had got to me first and slashed his claw like fingers across the side of my face. Leon had been knocked unconscious.

As if reading my mind Leon said to me “I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to help you.”

I let out a deep sigh. “Look, it wasn’t your fault. You were unconscious! And you were only eight. What could’ve you have done?” Leon said nothing but looked at the floor.

I hadn’t had any serious damage done, I could still see out of my right eye. I wore my hair like this so that nobody else could see the long, slender, ugly scar that stretches from my hairline halfway down my right cheek. A permanent reminder of what had happened on that cold September night.

Once I was satisfied I looked at Leon waiting for my next task. Just then, I noticed Leon’s navy blue suitcase poking out near the end of his bed.

“Do I need to pack?” I asked, the dismay in my voice more noticeable than I had intended. I liked it here. It was peaceful.

“Yeah, when I say nearer, I mean in the next town. We’ll have to catch the train, it leaves the station at half ten.”

Before I knew it my suitcase was hovering above my bed. “Alright I’m going, I’m going!” I moaned throwing my hands up in the air. All of the Guardians at the Organisation have a special power, as well as being able to see if a person is a human or a Lost Soul.

Leon’s skill was telekinesis (that’s the fancy word for moving things with his mind. He can move things as big and heavy as a MINI Cooper car, it just takes more power and he’s practicing with heavier items though).

My power - is sleeping outside on the balcony. His name is Zen. I was eight when my powers awoke. I was able to start seeing people’s auras. And Zen, my toy wolf with soft reddish coloured fur, had come to life. When I was two, my dad had gone to Japan for a business trip, he’d bought me back Zen as a present. I’d take him everywhere I went. Even grocery shopping with my mom. He’d been my lifelong friend, along with Leon. I’d always imagined him talking to me when my parents had died, anything I couldn’t say to Leon or Lucifer, I’d say to Zen. I can’t remember where I’d heard the name, I think it might have been the person that my dad met during his time in Japan and kept in touch with. He remained the same size, but he started to breathe, he would bleed if you cut him and instead of having sting for fur, a stitched mouth and button nose and glass eyes, he was completely real. And somehow, when he hurt, I hurt them in the same way and visa versa. And when I wanted to, I could feel his presence. I don’t know how, but if I really concentrated I could just feel him. And this came in handy when he was hiding so I knew if he was alright or not.

I still took him everywhere. I had to.  He was my way of fighting the Lost Souls. He was, in a way, my living weapon. Leon could move objects to fight, create invisible weapons or shields and even smash the Lost Soul into the wall (depending on its size and if it had reached Level G.  Otherwise we use our Divine Daggers to cut open a hole to send them back to the netherworld. At my command Zen could transform his body, making it bigger. His ears grew longer so he could hear the Lost Soul s better, and pin point their position; his claws and teeth would become so much longer and stronger, able to rip through solid steel. And he became much stronger. Although he still had his kind heart towards those who shown him kind-heartedness. And he wouldn’t so much as bear his fangs to the Lost Soul s that have become Level G. He’d take it down within seconds at my command.

Just then, Zen pushed the glass door open with his nose. I was at the chest of draws taking out each of my tops and folding them carefully into my suitcase. He padded over to where I stood and pressed his cold nose against my bare foot.

“Don’t tell me you’re hungry.” I said to Zen, looking down into his big, pleading eyes. “All we’ve got is a couple of cereal bars and me and Leon need those for the trip.” He continued to stare at me. “Ok, you can share half of mine – BUT I GET THE BIGGER HALF!” He seemed to grin at me. “You’re not getting it until we get onto the train.” I shot back at him for the grin, it soon vanished from is small pointed snout. I grinned as he padded off to hide under the bed and glare at my feet.

“What’s up with him?” Leon asked as Zen pawed at his Laces of his boots.

“He’s just cranky ‘cause I told him I get the bigger piece of the breakfast bar.” I replied with a grin.

Leon let out a light chuckle and shook his head as Zen got the laces of Leon’s shoes into his mouth and pulled them out of the bow into a tight knot. Leon shooed him away and then set to work pulling it back to normal.

“Why is it you have such a fascination with shoe laces?” I asked Zen, snatching my own trainers away before stuffing them into the case and snapping the latches down.

The End

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