Chapter IV

  “Mother!” Cried the little boy curled up, strembling in the corner of the room, Smoke continuing to flood his lungs. “Mother! Help me!” The boy continued to cry out helplessly as the flames smothered the walls. Debris and rubble falling all around him as part of the ceiling began to give way to the raging fire. In that moment the door burst open and two men came rushing in.

  “He’s in here!” One of them called out, “Theres more people on the floor above! I will get the kid out!” He picked up the boy and covered him in a blanket. Keeping him close to his chest the man carried him out of the door and began to descend the stairs.

  They escaped the house and were immediately greeted by a tall figure running towards them. “Serfius!” Nielle called out, “Is he alright!?” He asked the man taking the boy into his arms.

  “He’l be ok, we got him out just in time.” He replied coughing violently.

  “My wife? Did you get my wife out!?”



  “Serfius..” Said a faint voice, no louder then a whisper, “Serfius..” Serfius suddenly awake and jolted up in his chair. “Huh? Oh crap! I must have fallen asleep.” He swung around in his chair expecting to find Liu peering over him.

  “Serfius..” Called the voice again.

  “Who’s there?” He called out getting to his feet. “Liu?” There was no answer. The door that had shut on Serfius when he had attempted to go after Liu earlier suddenly opened as if to greet him to walk through it. “Hello?” He said again walking over to the door. He stepped thought it and carefuly scanned the long hallway.

  Serfius expected crew members to be franticaly running about the ship, or his father returning with the survey team, but there was nothing. Several doors broke off from the hallway every so often with the exception of one large steel door which led off to the right of him. Asif being guided by some unknown force, Serfius stepped through the door. The door slammed shut behind him and he was immediately hit by a strong wind, mist englufing his whole body and choking his lungs. He quikly realised that he had stepped out of the ship and onto the barren wasteland of the uncharted planet.

  Serfius spun around and began beating on the door. It didn’t respond.

  “Serfius..” Came the voice again, almost drowned out by the raging winds. “Don’t be frightened.” Serfius turned again trying to find the source of the voice. His eyes squinted as he tried to look through the thick sheet of mist, which only allowed him to see no more then a foot ahead of him. His head began to feel heavy. He tried to call out again but no words came out, his whole body felt paralysed. Then, as if not by own choice, Serfius began stumbling forwards, further into the nothingness. After walking a few paces he stopped, motionless, unable to move.

  “Serfius..” Whispered the voice once again, now more coherent.    “You are completely oblivious.”

  “W..what?” Serfius’s voice sounded long and tired like someone awakening from uncoincessness. “Who.. are”

  “Do you know why I called you here Serfius?”

  “Who… are you?” Serfius managed to say again. His head feeling heavier by the second.

  “You do not know why you were given life, your own existence. Do you know how old you are Serfius?” Asked the faint voice.

  “I.. I am 19.” He answered. “Who are..”

  “Wrong!” The voice interupted. “You posses no age! No feelings! You are simply a mere vessel awarded the gift of existence for a single purpose only.”

  “……” Serfius said nothing, remaining still, almost in a trance-like state.

  “You realy don’t remember do you?”

  “Remember what? What are you talking about!?” Serfius cried with his last ouce of strength.

  “Come, you will understand soon enough.” Spoke the voice. Serfius’s vision started to fade, his whole body felt heavy. “What.. is.. happening to.. me?” Serfius felt his legs collapse under him, falling forwards onto the ground. “Re..ana..” Serfius was uncoincess.

  “…Completely oblivious.”

The End

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