Chapter III

  Several hours had passed with the Celes navigating its way through the endless darkness when Serfius noticed a small object (which at that current position seemed no larger then a small rock) coming into view in the far distance..

  “Fifteen minutes untill destination.” Announced Liu checking the readings on the screen.

  “Survey team begin preperations.” Nielle called out.

  “Roger that Captain.” Replied severel voices leaving their stations.

  “So whats the big fuss about this planet anyway?” Serfius said turning to Liu.

  “Its one of the only un-mapped planets left in sector 6, noone has ever set foot onto its surface. There arnt any records of inhabitants either. We have been studying this planet for some time now. The atmosphere is completely covered by a thick mist, even if their were any life on there it wouldn’t survive long on the outside.”

  “So what are we here to do?”

  “We, are here to survey and take samples of the planets surface,” Nielle interupted. “You, are to stay on board with Liu.”

  “Survey team ready,” Called out one of the crew.

  “Prepare to land,” Announced Nielle to the whole crew. “Liu, babysit him.”

  “My pleasure Captain.” And with that Nielle left the bridge followed by a number of crew members.

  “Argh! Why am I always left out of everything with any importance!?” Serfius protested slamming his fist against the side of his chair.

  “Just relax,” Liu chuckled, “Be grateful your in here, safe.” A shudder ran through the whole ship as liu safely landed the Celes onto the unfamiliar surface. Several doors could be heard opening down the long hallway leading away from the bridge. “Your in for a long wait, I advise you get some rest.” Liu called over her shoulder as she left the bridge.

  Serfius was left to pace back and forth between the flashing panels which seemed to flood the walls. He approached the window. “Wow, realy cant see anything can you?” Serfius thought to himself, “Hmph, when am I going to get involved in something exiting!?” He walked towards the unshut door that Liu had left out of, coming within a foots stride of it, the door slammed shut. “Ah! Its no use. I may aswel have stayed home with Reana,” Serfius muttered walking back over to his seat, “Second thoughts, Id just get an earful of complaints about the wedding..”

The End

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