Chapter II

  As soon as Serfius had stepped into the ship he was immediately greeted by a tall, well-built man, with a face that of which Serfius knew all too well.

  “Your late, Private.” Kovart stated with an almost displeased look.  

  “Im sorry Dad, Reana turned up to see me off, wouldn’t let me go without saying a proper goodbye.” Nielle Kovart was Serfius`s Father, and only parent, as Serfius`s Mother had passed away when he was only a child. A memory that did not belong to Serfius, only in stories Nielle had told him about her when he had awoken in the middle of the night sweating from the result of a nightmare.    

  “You are to refer to me as Captain while the two of us are on duty Serfius, you know that.” Kovart warned him.

  “Yes sir, im sorry.” Serfius replied.

  “That’s quite alright son, now if you would just follow me,” He said leading Serfius into a larger elevator which opened on approach. “I hope your treating young Reana right, you know how the young lady can get sometimes, well, she is the Ambassidars Daughter after all."

   “Are you telling me to keep her sweet? Dad? ..Erm, Sir.”

  “Oh no, nothing like that, but we are all looking forward to the two of you getting married.” The doors closed and the elevator began to rise at a rate Serfius felt quite alarmed with.

  “…Yeah, ill bet you are.” Serfius mumbled under his breath while taking a seat at the back of the elevator. Before he could get comfortable the doors had opened and Nielle had already stepped through.. Serfius followed.

  “Welcome to the bridge.” Nielle stated proudly. Serfius remained silent while he took a moment to take in the view, almost blinded at first as he was immediately drawn to the continuous flashing of luminous green lights which framed all the usual consoles and equipment that would be expected to be found on any bridge of a ship. But still the sight of it all made him feel uneasy. Serfius began to feel even more nervous as he noticed certain crew members whispering amongst themselves while glancing over to him and Nielle.

  “So.. How would you like to pilot the ship for a day?” Nielle asked him in a quite, almost exited voice.


  “Don’t worry, they will be someone with you to assist during the whole duration of the flight,” Nielle said cutting him off, but Serfius`s attention had already strayed to a girl who had entered the bridge behind where him and his father were stood.

  “Ah, Liu.. Just the person actualy. This is my son, Serfius. He is going to be piloting the ship for today if you wouldn’t mind giving him a hand.”

  “Yes, of course.” She replied with a welcoming smile.

  “He should be fine, just could do with the emotional support really.” Nielle told her. Liu had been part of the crew aboard The Celes (Nielle had named the ship after his late wife) just over three years. Serfius had met her twice before while he was in the acadomy, training to become a pilot.. Serfius had always wanted to Captain his own ship ever since he was old enough to be shown around The Celes. He had always thought there was something mysterious about Liu, always calm and composed, usually preferring darker clothers, which always hid any sign of flesh. Her long, straight jet-black hair fell to her shoulders, and her eyes, set above high cheekbones, matched its darkness. Hollowed cheeks led to a firm but gently pointed jaw and her noise, while still feminine, was strong, the nostils slightly flaired.

  “Ok Captain, shouldn’t be a problem,” Liu assured him. “If you would like to follow me Serfius..” She said walking over to the front of the bridge.

  “Ok Son, were all in your hands now. Ill be just over there if you need anything,” Nielle told him pointing over to a large chair situated in the dead-centre of the bridge. “Im sure Liu is more than capable of telling you anything you might need to know.”

  “Im sure ill be fine Dad, I flew more than enough simulation flights in VR training.” Serfius said walking over to where Liu was sat.

  “Ok, well good luck.”

  “Permission to detatch the ship.” Liu called out.

  “Permission granted,” Nielle answered back. “Ok Serfius, show us what you got.” A smaller ship flew passed the window, several lights flashing from it as if to signal the ok. And with that Serfius took control of the helm. The rear of the vessel fanned out in an arc of pulsing light, while the main body sprouted angry spikes of a dark, shiny substance. The front featured a bright, bulbous dome over a sleek and sharp nose. As the Celes detatched from the docking station the entire ship hummed with a single, high-pitched note.

The End

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