Eternal Element : Rise Of Athelia

When the clash of swords echo, the journey chasing the past ends and the chains of fate are broken…



  “Nervous?” Said a womens voice.

  “Erm, what?” Serfius asked turning around to face her.

  “Nervous,” Reana repeated. “About your first flight?” Her smile was magic.

  Reana was a young girl. Not quite beautiful in the conventional way, but nevertheless stunning. She wore a plain, buttoned blouse and her skirt was long and loose, covered with a gaily pattern. The blouse was short-sleeved and her bare arms were tanned a fair, golden colour. The same colouring in her face enhanced the whiteness around her pupils.

  “Oh,  no not really. Got dear old to look out for me havnt I?”

  “Oh yeah, that must be comforting for you.” Reana replied sensing the slight sarcasm.

  “Hardly, if anything its even more of a worry having the competetive father looking over me, the way he does.”

  Serfius was of average height, with sleak mid-brown hair which draiped down over one part of his face, just about covering a two-inch scar which he had sustained from childhood. He was blue-eyed and had regular, if not handsome features. `baby-faced` As Reana liked to describe him, as much as he detested it.

  “Thought you said you weren’t nervous?” Reana said with a smile.

  “Yeah well, I lied.” He said walking away.

  “Hang on Serfius, hang on a second,” Reana yelled walking after him. “Your not going to go on a dangerous mission without saying goodbye to me, are you?” She asked him in shyness.

  “No, of course not.” He said walking back over to her.

  “Good, because if you were too, then I would have to get very angry indeed.”

  “Yeah, of course you would Re`,” Serfius said with a smile. “You know..”

  “Shut up.” She said cutting him off with a kiss that seemed to last forever. A feeling he would have appreciated more if only he was to know the events that would follow.

  “ATTENTION. Could all personel please board the ship immediately.” A womens voice announced.

  “That’s me.” Serfius said pulling away.

  “Promise you`ll come back to me.” She said with an insecure look.

  “Of course ill come back to you, ill always come back to you. And besides im only going to be gone a few days.” Serfius lent in to kiss her once more. “Goodbye Reana, ill miss you.”

  And with that Serfius began to climb the long stairs leading up to the ship. “Goodbye,” Reana said to herself as Serfius dissapeared through a large self-opening door.

The End

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