The darkness was so thick it was almost tangible. The sickening smell of sulphur and death hung heavy in the air, causing me to gag and hold my arms over my belly protectively.

Without warning, a small amount of light appeared a few feet in front in front of me. It danced around joyously, flitting from one side of the small dark room and bouncing along the walls. The small light dropped to the ground and grew taller and wider until it formed into a ball of fire.
Terror gripped me mercilessly.
The fire shuddered and spat tiny, scorching sparks that bounced around causing a small terrifying kaleidoscope of bright fiery colours. It slowly licked its way along the floor and walls, spreading until it had formed an impenetrable wall of fire. I quickly closed my eyes and fought to block out the heat of it and focused on the other sounds around me and regretted it instantly.
Screams of the tortured and groans of the dying echoed pitifully through the pungent air. The fire lapped at me tauntingly, causing my skin to blister and burn. White-hot pain lanced through me viciously causing me to scream in one long, seemingly endless wail.

All at once things went from bad to worse.
Tall, distorted shadows writhed along the walls and floor, more flames danced merrily around the small claustrophobic room. With sweat now coating my skin in a fine sheen, I slowly backed myself into a corner and watched in paralysed fear as the shadows slithered toward me. One by one, each shadow’s features became clearer, transforming into familiar faces, those of my older sister Annabelle, with her husband Mark and two children; Lara and Katrina.
Their eyes were fogged with death and frozen expressions of terror. I opened my mouth and screamed again, the sound of it ripped from my heart and slicing through the air in an anguished cry.

I could only watch as they crept closer and closer, carrying with them death and pain. With each torturously slow step they took, small black tendrils snaked around my ankles and slowly curled up my legs like a Boa Constrictor. Panicking, I attempted to swat away the tendrils only to cry out in agony when they tightened around my legs painfully.
The figures stopped abruptly and started to dissipate into nothingness, the tendrils around my legs vanished, leaving my staring in shock with pins and needles reverberating through them painfully.
Blinking in confusion, I watched the fire shrink until it was just a small spark that slowly went out like the last ember at a camp fire.
Suddenly, a voice started calling my name. I frowned and cocked my head to the side, I knew that voice. It was familiar yet I couldn’t place it…
“Sarah!” The female’s voice shouted in annoyance.
Awareness gripped me when a hand reached out and shook my shoulder. I gasped awake and looked around wildly.
I groaned when reality slowly sunk in.
“What the hell do you think you were doing Sarah?” Lilly, a waitress and friend, asked me angrily.
I sighed and rubbed my fingers across my forehead.
“I’m sorry Lilly, I just sat down to take a break and didn’t realise how tired I was.” I muttered and dropped my hand into my lap. She watched me closely for a few heart beats before nodding and handing me a notebook and pen.
“Table two are ready to order.” She said with a nod toward the elderly couple waiting patiently for someone to take their orders, and hurried over to the bar to re-fill drinks.
I slowly got to my feet and walked over to the couple and gave them a wobbly smile.
As I took note of their orders, I couldn’t help but shudder at how horrible my nightmare had been; it had seemed so real and very terrifying. It left me feeling helpless and vulnerable.

I swallowed and walked over to the kitchen window the place the orders through. Fear continued to cling to me like glue, seeing my sister’s, brother in laws and niece’s faces in such horrifying detail had left my blood running cold.
My hands shook with the need to know if they were alive and well.
With a final shudder of uncontrolled fear, I pushed the images away to focus on work.

The End

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