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Well, everything was going swimmingly. I could already begin to sense the taint on her, though it was faint. Well, she'd found my bedroom in that most recent dream of hers.

I smiled to myself as I watched her from across the road from where she worked. I had to admit, I was rather enjoying this little game. This sort of work hadn't been what I was created for, it was something I'd chosen. Of course, that didn't mean that I stuck with the tainting all the time.

Leaning against a building, people tended not to notice me; their brains refused to notice me. It was simply one of the many wonderful things about being a demon. I watched Sarah closely as she shuffled around behind the counter. She was tired and fatigued, which was what all the dream-screaming would do to you. Her limbs moved as though they were as heavy as lead and as stiff as a board. She was going to be feeling like that for a quite a while, at least until she was fully tainted.

Sarah stopped for a second, resting against the counter while there were no customers she needed to serve. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them, they were looking right at me. I froze for the slightest moment before pulling the shadows to my defence. She looked around the building she was stood in, as if trying to remember where she was.

I took a deep breath. That was impossible, she couldn't have seen me. Not unless I wanted her to. Which I didn't. Frowning, I tried to remind myself that she was begin to take to the taint; she'd probably be able to see me, and then just think she'd forgotten something when she looked away. She'd probably be different than all the others I'd whispered to anyway; apparently she was 'perfect', whereas they'd only been 'suitable'. But what her different?

I shook my head, reminding myself to ask questions. Get the job done, move on, take time off for a little while, go back, get my next assignment, that was what I needed to do. I couldn't be rash, or stupid about any of this. I also needed to do it discreetly so no one from the Other side would notice and come to stop me. Interference from Them was never good, especially when a lot of things seemed to be riding on this. Her file had been marked Confidential, and would have to stay that way. If anybody else found out, from our side or Their's, I'd be killed for it. Literally. Then brought back and killed again. That was what had happened to the last one after all.

Beginning to get bored, I began to watch Sarah again. I willed her into a seat, made her sit in it and sent her off to sleep again. I made sure to make this one as interesting as possible, for both our sake's.

The End

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