Plain and Simple.Mature

Shaking off the lasting effects of the horrific dream, I swung my legs over the side of my bed and quickly stood up and stretched. My muscles still quivered slightly and my heart beat raced against my rib cage in frantic beats.
I shook my head to clear away the fogginess of sleep and shuffled into the bathroom to shower.

Minutes later feeling refreshed I walked into my small kitchen to pour some coffee and walked over to the window and stared out as the storm clouds rolled across the sky.

Sighing, I sat down on the sofa and frowned down at my cup of coffee. Refusing to think about my nightmare I contemplated on how plain and simple my life is.
So simple in fact people call me 'Plain Sarah', always taking the easy way out of things and never accepting a challenge, always walking on the safe side and never facing things head on.
And the simplicity continues with my appearance, with plain shoulder length brown hair, boring and flat brown eyes and not even a freckle or mole on my pale and simple face. My body is too skinny, my waist small with no curves, my chest is pretty much flat and legs too skinny to look good in anything.
I could easily blend into a crowd without even trying.
I've only ever had one boyfriend and that too is like the rest of me, mundane and boring.  And there was no messy and dramtaic break-up to complain about, in fact I can barely recall what Richard even looked like.
I shrugged and sipped my coffee. I guess it just goes to show how bland I really am.

I tipped my head backwards and closed my eyes, feeling my muscles relax I drifted off to sleep on the sofa.
The dream gripped me immediately.
This dream was different to the other one. There was no screams, no shadows and no evil, taunting laughter. I shuddered and slowly padded into the room more.

At first everything seemed....dull. But as I looked around more I noticed colours that stood out brilliantly, with the sounds of tweeting birds and water whispering through the room. The room had a high ceiling with a huge golden chandelier that hung proudly and sparlked in the light. The walls were painted a nice pale cream colour with a flawless white marble floor. The sun poured in through windows and the scents of jasmine teased the air slightly. I spun in a slow circle and paused at the sight of a huge bed that sat at the far end of the room. I averted my eyes from it and continued looking around the room, but my eyes kept returning to the huge bed.
Curiosity getting the better of me, I shuffled over to it and ran my fingers over the dark silk sheets. I slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed as my weight sunk into it nicely.
But as soon as my eyes closed again, I heard the sound soul-shattering screams split through the air. I jumped up off the bed and looked around wildly.
Manic laughter sounded and screeches echoed loudly. Feeling panic rising inside me, I whimpered in fear and silently willed myself to wake up.
When nothing happened I ran to the bed and hid under it.
As darkness clouded over me again it all stopped.

I sat up gasping and winced at the feel of spilt coffee soaking through my clothes. Standing on slightly shaking legs, I went to get dressed for work, but the echoes of the horrifc screams replayed through my mind, making a tight ball of fear form in the pit of my stomach.
I sighed again, this was going to be a very long day...

The End

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