The dream gripped me instantly.
Everywhere shadows writhed and moaned in pain. The air was thick with the stench of blood and pain. Soon death followed in it's wake.

I whimpered and cringed away from writhing shadows. Dark talons seemed to reach out to grab me, to bring me within it's horrible grasp. With a scream building in my throat, I scrambled away and ran straight into a hard masculine chest.
Gasping in shock, I looked up and gulped.

The man was very handsome, with silky shoulder length blonde hair that seemed to shine even in the near darkness, his face was flawless, with sharp cheek bones and a strong jaw. His lips looked soft and sinful and his eyes... They were the colour of the richest honey and sparkled with mischief. I let my gaze roam over him slowly. His chest looked as muscular as it felt, with a tight black shirt clinging to his skin skilfully, showing the hard ridges of his stomach and accentuating his slim waist to his hard muscled thighs encased within black jeans right down to his booted feet.

I shuddered and stook a shaky step away from the gorgeous male.
"Who're you?" I rasped. His delectable lips pulled into a small grin.
"Quinn." He rumbled. His deep voice seem to vibrate through the air, making me shiver in fear and take another step away from him.
"Do you know where we are?" I asked him.
He nodded as his grin widened.
"Where?" I prompted him. He tipped his head back slitghtly and laughed.
"Hell." He said joyously.
That's when I screamed.

The End

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