~~Closed collab between Li17 and Artemisian~~
Sarah Price has been having odd dreams about a stranger, but when he turns up where she works, surely there's something more than coincidence...

Sat on the bench, I watched the house. I had to make sure I'd found the right one before I went whispering. Certainly wouldn't look good on my report if I got it wrong.

People walked past, completely oblivious to the world around them. Even though the sun was setting behind the row of buildings, people still hurried up and down the long street. Then there she was. Sarah Price. Her brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and her blue eyes were glazed over slightly. Her thoughts were busy. She pulled a ring of keys from her handbag and unlocked her front door. That was her.

I had my orders, now to simply start the operation. I stood up and strode across the street. Walking down the dark side alley beside her house, no one noticed me. As usual. I jumped the wall and landed in her garden. I climbed the tree and sat, blending into the darkness. I waited, once again.

It was probably another hour before she came upstairs, ready for bed. She lay down in bed and turned a sidelight on. She picked up a book from the small table beside her bed. She read for thirty minutes before replacing the book on the table and turning off the light. She rolled over and fell into the dreams I set for her.

This needed to be perfect; I couldn't rush it. A demonic taint only comes through repeated connections with a demon itself. That's where I came in. This woman was perfect for our purpose, according to all the tests we'd run. She would be the perfect one to taint; she would spread it. I hadn't asked why it was her; it was always better not to ask questions in my line of work.

The End

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