Tall, Pale, Black Hair . Nathan Kite was this and much more. The youngest Detective at the occult division of the JAF and his hands are more than full. Rogue Druids, a Gothic partner and a Legacy he's not aware of.

As his hands went for his nose in an attempt to shield him from the pungent smell of burning flesh, he had not for once forgotten that he was the detective in charge. “Looks bad, eh?”He asked glancing at the burnt bloody mass on the polished black granite floor .D.I Harry Norton walked past the yellow polyethylene tape on which was branded the warning ‘DO NOT CROSS’ .

“Pretty bad, I must say” said D.C Connor. "Time frame?" asked Norton just as a stray burning piece of cloth rose in a current of hot air and signed his hand. “Half an hour at the least .you can see the flesh is still burning. It’s almost completely burnt. Burning a body of this size takes a lot of time. It’s strange there were no witness”. “None at all?” asked Norton as he walked through the main corridor of the St Anne asylum.

 ”None.” said Conner as he cocked his head to look at inspector Norton. “Not very strange if I may, looking into the fact that most of the inmates were locked shut in their respective confines”

“Wouldn’t the crackle of flame have roused the inmates from their slumber?” asked Conner.”No, I suppose not, because you see their confines are basically sound proof, which leaves them free to confront their inner ‘demons’, if I may” said Norton.

Inspector Norton squatted and extracted a polymer evidence packet from his trouser pocket, his eyes searched the burnt body for any form of identification “Did the forensics report?”,“Yes” replied Connor “Did they find any ID on him” asked Norton. ”No, but neither did they finalize the gender of the victim as far as I can recollect”. “Jokes apart, Connor” warned Norton.

He looked into the burning mess of blood and flesh and felt the clothes of the victim.”Pity!” he sighed “Synthetic! Synthetic fiber melts into an indistinguishable mess when burnt” he said. “There’s nothing here that can be called a clothe. No identifiable clothe, that is”.

Norton stood up, brushed his tailored to fit trousers and pushed the empty packet into his trouser pocket. His hand reached into his over coat pocket and fished out a white cotton handkerchief to wipe his perspiring brow. He pulled his kerchief away from his brow and stared at the moist cloth. He suddenly started patting his pockets, and extracted his mobile phone. It was vibrating. He flicked it open and stared at its blinking screen briefly then pressed it against his ear.”D.I. Norton speaking” he said.”We know” replied the strangely omnipresent caller.

“May I know who this is?” asked Norton.

”You do not need to know.”

“Pardon?” enquired Norton.

“Shut the Fuck up! Get out of that building. Now!”Ordered the caller

 “Is this a threat?”

“No, you shithead.Shut up and get out… “The caller’s voice was replaced by the monotonous dial tone. Norton stared at his phone’s screen. He looked down upon the staring Connor who mouthed “who was it?”Norton put up his palms and gave him a shrug.”No Idea”

Threats had been fairly common in Norton’s life .His wife threatened to leave him. His superiors threatened to call him off duty. The bad guys were essentially always at this. Only lately a gang of skinheads threatened to smash his sons face. It just turned out to be just another bluff. His son was fine and had his lovely face with him. No Face Pulp. No Blood. Lately Norton had stopped taking threats seriously. This was one of those episodes.


“He’s not leavin’.” said a woman who sat in the corner of a hot and dingy office. She was sitting on the type of chair that had wheels under it and swiveled .She spun around on it in a fairly childish manner. Her voice was heavily accented. She wore a black short skirt that went down to her thighs. Her shoes were dark high heeled ones. In stark contrast to her attire her hair was strikingly blond. She continued to spin the chair and it was clearly getting on the man’s nerves as he spun around.

“Stop it!” commanded a tall figure who had been staring out of a window with his fingers separating the blinds. The girl immediately stopped and stared at the figure with a bored sort of expression. Her hands were resting on her thighs. “I told you so, didn’t I?” she said again. “He’s gonna’ die.” she continued in a childish matter of factly way.

“Damn it! Fuck that idiot” he said as he looked down to face her putting his hands into his pocket. He had a face of a person who had seen a lot of hardships in life. His eyes were sky blue. There were dark shadows under them. He hadn’t slept for quite a long time. A very long time. “No one dies on my watch” he said as he pulled out his hands out of his pocket to pull up his jacket from the chair .He pulled it over his shoulders .With long determined strides he walked across the room and paused at the door, “You coming?”.

“No! You are perfectly capable of handling this on your own” she said “besides I have other things to do” she said indicating to the envelope on the man’s table. He smirked and turned the door’s handle.

“Oh and by the way,Nathan, Try not to mess your jacket up. We have to go here you know.” she said indicating to the letter.

He opened the door and left.


He flipped his mobile off and slipped it into his breast pocket. He squatted down and looked up at Connor. “Got a bottle of water? It’s getting kind of hot in here.” asked Norton. “No wonder” said Connors with a hint of sarcasm, handing him a bottle of water. Norton lifted the bottle up and drank the water with slow and patient gulps. His eyes followed the sway of the water inside the bottle. He brought the bottle away from his lips, “How’s Martha and the kids.”  . ”Martha’s just fine .Bobby got into high school yesterday and Jean’s Okay”


Nathan ran. He looked back as he slammed the Porsche’s door shut. He ran to the institute’s stairs and paced up the steps. He walked briskly past the asylum guard.”Hey you! You’re not allowed.........” started the guard as words failed him. His eyes, it was his eyes next .All he could see was white. Foggy white. His knees gave way as his unconscious body slumped into the dark floor. Nathan walked past him with his fingers in the air , reminiscent of a snap. He ran towards the yellow polyethylene tape.


“So, um...who’s coming to pick the body up?” asked Norton. “Don’t know. The asylum guys might want to inspect it first."







The End

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