Eternal Bout

When a young japanese high school student discovers the hidden magic abillity with him he is thrown into a world a chaos, sadness and thruths. He is guilded by his teacher to use his powers and only He can save the world from it's ultimate destruction. Join Vinn as he fights the endless struggle known as. The Eternal Bout.

Another day i supose... Another day where i get up, yawning and not ready.Aother day where the sun seems to bright... wish i could find the dimmer switch. Or better yet the off switch i need five more minutes.

My name in Vinn Synclaire, i am a high school student in North Crest high school, Tokyo.My hair is black and short but spiked at the back, blue eyes, tall , thin and yet i still don't have a girlfriend. Im an otaku and only moved here from the dull UK about... two years ago i'd say. That two years gave me enough to to make freinds get to know the surroudings alough i can never get used to all these big city lights, Tokyo sure does like it's advertisement huh? Anyway im going off on my own tangent so i'll stop talk about me now and get on with it.

So let me set the scene for you it's a complex life i live now but before the novelty of being the new guy has worn off and im just another high school loser. You can always find me with my best buddies. First there Shu, she's like me bassiclly except a girl.. and long black hair. i always liked her but meh.. what are you going to do. then theres Habata hes a moive maniac who thinks hes smooth with the ladies... i'll tell him one days but.. not today. then there Simon, wouldn't ya know it he moved here a few months before me birds of a fether stick together right? well he's a computer nut who always has his nose in a book. it's stange, all three of them wear glasses.

It was just another other day Shu and Habata were fighting over somthing while simon was trying to find a ethical reson to stop it , i wasn't going to get in the way of such a lovely scence,. I was tierd, hungry and i wanted to go home but.. dreaming.... i didn't want to dream... i dream cold nightmares... brr... gives me the shivers just thinking about it. But as much as i tried there was no changing it my chest fell like it my rib cage turnned to ice. But it all began i could here voices... voice of who? Beats me? "The eternal bout is about to being..." i mean what the hell does that mean anyway? Eternal bout... Man things sure were weird in dream land. Thats when i saw him. The Sun warming glow left me and started to slink away.. i saw him a man in a jackets or a coat.... who.. or what was he and what was going on... that i still have no idea... and that you will probly never will know..."never will know what do you mean?"

It's all blurring away.. noo... no it's that dream again.. am i dreaming please... save me..

Thus beings My story... "Signed Zane Casternadger II"

And my story starts here... "Signed Vinn Synclaire"



The End

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