He cant dieMature

Eternal screams then begins to sob. He can't die.... he can't. She snatches the compound from his hand then shove it into his mouth.

She puts a hand to her forward channeling her energy. "Give him one last breath" Eternal whispers.

Falcon breathes in the chokes down the compound. As soon as that happens he begins coughing hard as the compound disolves in his throat.

Falcon turns and looks at her. "Falcon" She gasps and pulls him into a hug beginning to sob.

"Eternal! Falcon!" Dan comes into view. He freezes seeing the blood and the sword still in Falcon's chest.

Falcon looks down. "Oh" he mutters.

"I'll get it" Eternal mutters. She stands up grabs the hilt and pulls. Falcon grunts in pain but that it.

"What the...." Dane says then he begins to laugh. "Seriously you two are completely bonkers"

Eternal smiles at him then helps Falcon to his feet but he stares at his chest in wonder.

"Its healed" he mutters.

"Well duh" Eternal laughs choking on a sob.

Falcon spins her then brings his lips hard down on hers. She finds her arms wrapping round his next.

"Uh, guys. We need to get going and.... uh, this is uncomfortable" Dane mutters.

"Get lost" Falcon mutter but pulls me out of the tunnel before kissing me again. All the group looks away and a few laugh.

The End

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