Last ChanceMature

Falcon feels the pain tearing through his body, fiery sharp waves of it, draining the strength out of him like water from a jug. He grits his teeth, trying desperately not to scream. He's dying, he knows it, even though he's fighting with every ounce of strength he has. It won't be enough, he knows it.

Now he only has one choice. The choice he's put off for so long, too weak and indecisive to make. It's immortality, or death. This is his last chance at life - mortal or otherwise.

"Eternal... the compound..." he manages to choke, feeling the blood begin to creep into his throat. She leans closer, unable to hear what he's saying. Falcon retches, bringing up a mouthful of blood.

"Compound!" he tries to shout, but its choked in his throat and comes out as little more than a strangled croak. His hand clenches on the tiny pebble-thing in his pocket and forces it into Eternal's lap. "Hurry..."

Finally his last shred of strength gives out and he goes limp, breathing weak and shallow and heartbeat growing weaker with every passing second. He feels the blood seeping from the wound. From somewhere up the tunnel he hears a cry of anguish, feels something snatching at his clenched fist, another wave of blood filling his lungs. Then everything is overcome by the blood roaring in his ears and he knows no more.

The End

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