Eternal begins to wimper. Perfetic high pitched ones. She crouches forwards and fall to her knees.

"Eternal" Falcon says with worry.

"I.... Go ahead" She looks up at him and she know her eyes are darkening. "Now"

Falcon turns to Dane. "Lead everyone up to the top.... I'll get Eternal up"

"No" Eternal hisses through her teeth. She looks up at him angry. "Go Now.... I'm serious"

Everyone looks at her worried..... and scared. Her eyes are slowly turning black. Dane turns to the group. "With me!" he shouts.

They all follow him up the tunnel. The pain in Eternal stomach escalates and she grips it tightly.

"Come on" Falcon pulls her to her feet.

"Let go!" She screams and wacks out at him. He lets go stumbling back. Eternal's are burning with a black fire. "I am not to be messed with mortal"

"Eternal..... please, as soon as you get out of these tunnels you'll be fine" Falcon whispers pain showing clearly on his face.

Eternal grips her tummy. "That will kill me though..... this new power" She hisses.

"But that powers hurting you..... changing you" Falcon whispers.

"Enough" Eternal shouts. She pulls the sword out of the air and swings it at him. Falcon blocks it with his own.

But then Eternal jabs..... Falcon gasps then looks down at the wound. Then he slumps to the floor.

At that moment sunlight from the exit hits Eternal. She breaths in the darkness fading. "No" she whispers. She runs over pulling Falcon into her lap.

"No, No, No, No" She cries over and over.

"Eternal" Falcon chokes. She looks at his face then see's him gripping something.

"No" She gasps. "I'll heal you... you dont have to change"

"I'm dying though" he chokes.

"Its not the only option" Eternal shrieks. It cant be the only way.......

The End

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