Eternal wraps the scarf tight around her mouth but allow her nose to breath. She coughs the whole the racketing her body.

Dane stares at her sympathetically while Falcon hold her up. "You sure you've had enough rest?" Falcon asks again.

Eternal nods. "I can transport about three people out you know" she says muffled then shifts to outside the door. She puts her hand to the lock and as she pulls down the handle the lock clicks.

Falcon and all the other steps out. Eternal pulls down the scarf. "The exit will most likely be north" She says then quickly pulls the scarf back up as she begins to cough.

"Shit" She mutter looking at the liquid she coughed up. "We need to move now"

The quickly run down the corridors. Eternal idicates left and they run into the room just in time to avoid some elf soldiers.

They get back out and reach the throne hall. They freeze hiding up against the wall. "What are you going to do with the My Lady?" an elf asks.

"Don't worry, in about ten minutes they'll all be dead and we will have Eternal" Eternity annouces. Eternal shivers.

Ten minutes. "Lets go" She hisses and she lead them back and away.

"You wont turn" Falcon whispers in her ear. She nods but she doesn't believe it cause shes now coughing up black fluid.

No one else knows this and shes starting to get scared.

The End

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