No Time to LoseMature

Something steely snaps into place at Eternal's words. Falcon looks at her for a long moment, sees the genuine fear in her eyes. She really thinks she could kill them. And, to be honest, Falcon wouldn't put it past her. She's powerful, and if she chose to... who knows what damage she could wreak.

Then he remembers the plan. Even if he can't make his mind up about the compound, he can still help her. Mortal or no, he's not giving up without a fight. There's too many lives at stake for him to back down now.

"Right." he says. "I have an idea. You can teleport right? Well, I was thinking. If you can teleport outside the door and unlock it we can all get out into the main cave. If we can sneak out before Eternity knows we're gone, we could be off into the tunnels before they notice we're gone, particularly if we knock the guards out. After all," he looks grim, "There's only about half a dozen of us left, including you, me and Dane."

He holds her closer, burying his face in her hair. "I'm not going to let her turn you. She'll have to go through me first. So what do you say? Will you try? For us?"

Eternal looks up at him and nods slowly. "I'll try. I don't know if it will work, but..."

"It will work," Falcon reassures her. "You're strong enough to beat that evil bitch. I believe in you, and so do the others, even though they won't admit it. Rest first, we'll try when you get your strength back. We'll all be fine. I know it."

The End

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