Nothing to talk aboutMature

"I don't see what there is to talk about...... you've already made up your mind" Eternal has to say it through the pain as she grips her stomach.

"I.... I want to be with you but.... I don't want to see everything. My friends..... My family, everything" Falcon chokes taking a step closer.

Eternal moves back which causes Falcon to freeze. "I need to be alone please" She whispers.

"Eternal..... I......" He looks at her with pain. The Pain in Eternal's chest tightens and she curves over gripping her stomach.

"Eternal" Falcon rushes over. "What are you doing?"

"Don't worry..... I can handle it" Eternal chokes. Then she begins to cough she covers her mouth then pulls it back to stare at it.

"Eternal..... is that blood?" Falcon whispers. Eternal stares at it in shock.

"I don't bleed" She whispers. "Falcon...."

Then she goes into a coughing fit. She drops to her knees. "Eternal. Whats wrong?"

"Falcon..... It hurts" Eternal whispers.

"Whats wrong?" Falcon insists. His arms are tight around her and supporting her.

"Falcon...... I need to be among nature this place....... its full of death...... I'm turning bad" Eternal looks up at him and Falcon stares with slight fear at her now black eyes which slowly fades away.

"Eternity's trying to turn me..... if we dont get to surface...... I think I might kill all of you"

The End

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