The Prospect of ImmortalityMature

Falcon sighs and puts his throbbing head into his hands. He sees the reasoning behind Dane's argument, but knows he can't bring himself to do it. It's not just the prospect of losing his friends that puts him off, it's the thought of all those years, endless eternity, never ageing, always having to carry on while the world around him falls away. As enticing as the prospect sounds on paper, it seems merely terrifying when given the choice.

"I'll figure this out later," he says, "When we have more time. And when we're not on the brink of being murdered by some deranged NightHuman and her brainwashed elves. We need to get out of here, fast."

Dane chews his lip. "Indeed we do. But how are we going to get out if they've locked us in here? Besides, after the kicking we just gave them I doubt they'll be willing to open the door for us. Eternal could just teleport out, but that still leaves the rest of us here."

Suddenly a lightbulb seems to flick on inside Falcon's head. "That's it! You're brilliant Dane!"

Dane looks utterly confused as Falcon turns and races away after Eternal. That's it! he thinks. If Eternal can teleport out of here, maybe she can get the door open from the other side! It's a risky plan and might not work, but at this stage anything is worth a shot.

However, when he sees Eternal standing alone in the corner, he slows to a halt. She seems heartbroken, evidently she knows about his decision concerning immortality. He'll have to talk to her about that later. No, says a voice, you have to talk to her about it now. You've put this off long enough, get a grip and do it. After all, what's the rush?

"Eternal," Falcon calls, "Wait. I need to talk to you. About the compound..."

The End

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