We aint getting outMature

"Well, we ain't getting out thats for sure" Eternal says looking across at the floor. "Their leader is a NightHuman...... Very dangerous. They remain timeless and can shift forms"

Falcon puts an arm round her shoulder and Eternal has to wince when he grimances cause of it.

"So wheres the rest of them?" Dane says. "I've never heard of any being found as witches or such"

"That's cause Blaze thought they made them extinct" Eternal says. "Seems not"

Falcon rubs her shoulder and Eternal leans into him. He grimances which causes Eternal to pull away quickly.

"Sorry" She says quickly. "Maybe I should leave you to heal.... I tried to heal you but.... it didn't seem you wanted me to"

Eternal winces at his body fighting against the slight magic. "It also seems you've made your mind up about me too" She gets up then moves off.

He doesn't want to be immortal..... she can understand that. But it does hurt. The fact she knows he will grow old...... that he'll die...... that she'll have to watch him die.

She hears whispers from Dane and Falcon even though she's round the corner.

"What's she talking about?" Dane whispers.

"Alec..... gave me the chance to be immortal..... to remain with her" Falcon mutters.

"Then why haven't you done it already?" Dane asks.

"Cause it means I'd have to watch all of you die"

"Yeah, I know here we're all like family Falcon but.... Eternal's probably getting torn up about this. She'll have to watch you die if you choose us over her"

"I know that....." He chokes out.

"I'd do it mate" Dane says. But Falcon won't, Eternal knows he doesn't and it hurts... hurts so much.

The End

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