"You won't" Eternal hisses. Then she throws her palm out. Eternity is thrown back. She races out the room then follows the noise to the fight.

"Falcon!" She shouts seeing the sword raised over him. She runs the kicks the sword out of the elfs hand then crouches down over Falcon and bares her teeth.

"Stop!" Every head except those of the dead and unconcious turn to the sound of Eternity's voice. She's back in her elf disguise.

"Leave them" She instructs. The elves back out.

"Well, Eternal" Eternity says giving off a cold smile. "You won't be leaving this room"

Then the door slams shut. Eternal sits down legs folded under her and rests Falcon's head on her lap. Then carefully she puts a hand to his foredhead.

Dane stumbles over. "We have many ingured" He says slumping down next to her. He looks down at his leader and friend.  "Is he going to be alright?"

"Yes, just a little oxygen starvation" She whispers stroking his forehead. "Move the dead elves off to the side. Put the dead humans to rest under blankets..... Here's equiptment for the wounded"

Eternal waves her hand. Bowls of warm water and towels appear, along with blankets, pillow, thread, needle, medication (Herbs), everything you need after a battle.

Dane nods then moves of instructing people. Eternal creates a blanket for Falcon and tucks it round him.

"What did we do coming here?" She whispers.

The End

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