Prepare to Die, HumanMature

Falcon sat beside the door, staring off into space and chewing his lip. He couldn't get Eternal off his mind, or what Eternity wanted with her. I should have gone with her, he thinks, I shouldn't have let her go alone. Damn these pointy-eared freaks. Damn them.

Suddenly they heard a banging coming from outside the door. Falcon sprang to his feet and pressed an ear to the door. He could hear footsteps coming their way. Lots of them. He barely had time to skitter out of the way before the door banged open and a large contingent of elves marched into the room, each armed with a vicious looking longsword. The humans in the room froze, looking at the elves and subconsciously reaching for weapons. Falcon steps forward,

"What do you want with us?" he asks one of the elves, glaring defiantly into her eyes.

The elf looks back at him, eyes blank and hard as stones. "Prepare to die human."

No sooner are the words out of her mouth then she lunges for Falcon's throat. Falcon ducks, bringing his own blade up to meet the elf's. Then all hell breaks loose. The elvish soldiers attack, but the humans are ready for them and soon a vicious battle has broken loose. Falcon resumes his battle with the woman, the two twisting and ducking around each other, trying to find a weak spot in the other's defences.

Evidently Eternal's meeting hasn't gone too well, he thinks, slashing at the elf's shins and narrowly avoiding being decapitated in the process. However, he can see the elves are slowly gaining the advantage. Although many have been slain, they are steadily grinding down the human force, killing without mercy. Even those who are unarmed, nursing women and young children are skewered on the elvish blades, their pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears.

Kicking his opponent in the chest, Falcon slams the hilt of his sword down on her head, knocking her out. He twists around, trying to see what is going on in the carnage. He's lost track of where his own people are and the screams of the injured and dying drown out his attempts to call to them.

Suddenly Falcon feels something lock around his throat from behind. He yelps and tries to struggle free, but its grip is strong and it is steadily increasing the pressure on his windpipe. He tries to call out, but his cries come out as little more than strangled croaks. Black spots start swimming in front of his eyes, steadily spreading over his increasingly blurry vision. Eventually he collapses unconscious, the battle still raging around him and one thought echoing in his mind:

What has happened to Eternal?

The End

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