Not what she seemsMature

Eternal is brought to her feet and march out of the room. She looks back at Falcon who is clearly worried. She's led down the halls until they reach two large doors.

They shove her in slamming them closed behind her. Eternal stands straight and looks at Eternity with rage.

"You know I got the gist of my name from you" Eternity says. "When I arrived her the elf's thought I was you. They thought you were there saviour..... I convinced them otherwise"

Eternal sees the flash of red in the womens eyes. "You're not elf" Eternal says with certainty.

"No, I changed my form so they would except me"  At that moment Eternity chances. Her skin turns a midnight black, her eyes red and her teeth become as sharp as a cats.

"Oh" Eternal says stepping back. "A NightHuman"

Eternity laughs. "Dont you mean the last. Blaze murdered my kind out cause we were to powerful" She hisses.

"Can I go?" Eternal says.

"No" Eternity snaps then leaps. Eternal rolls out of the way then screams. Theres a banging on the door.

"My Lady, My Lady" Comes the calls of the elves.

"How can they remain loyal to you?" Eternal whispers.

"They are brainwashed...... Oh did you say goodbye to your friends"

The End

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