Sit Tight and Wait It OutMature

"Well that was a complete and utter fiasco." Falcon declares to the group as they are shoved somewhat unceremoniously back into the room.

"Finally you see things my way." replies Dane.

The rest of the group look at them, confused. Falcon shakes his head at them, they simply shrug and go back to muttering amongst themselves. When he's sure they're no longer listening, Falcon leans in close to Eternal and whispers:

"So that other elf is like you?"

She nods, "Yes, in a way. She isn't affected by time, but I don't think she can do much else besides. None the less, she is still capable of wreaking some serious damage." She pauses, "We need to find a way out of here."

"How?" Falcon asks, "I'm pretty sure the door's locked-" A yowl comes from behind him as Dane kicks the door. Falcon rolls his eyes and continues, "Okay, the door is locked and we have no idea how many of them there are in here. We scarcely know where we are. Seems to me like we're just going to have to sit tight until we find out what they want."

"I know." says Eternal, "But something's telling me something isn't right here. I don't know what but... sometthing just is."

Falcon sighs and puts an arm around her shoulder. "We'll figure something out. As long as we're all together we can deal with anything. Besides, I doubt they'd hurt us now. There's far too many armed people in here, and Dane looks like he'd happily tear someone's head off at this stage. We'll get there, you'll see."

Eternal mutters something under her breath and leans into him. Falcon looks out over the group, all of whom look unnerved, if not downright scared. As long as we're together, he tells himself, as long as we all stick together we'll be fine. But still, what on earth do these elves want?


Hours pass and the group are left completely to themselves. Then, suddenly, the elf Willow re-enters accompanied by a pair of armed guards. She jerks her head at Eternal:

"Come with me. Lady Eternity wants to speak with you." She eyes Falcon, who is still sitting beside Eternal. "And she will speak with you alone."

The End

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