We need to get outMature

Eternal felt shifty. She was nervous. Elves may seem calm in storys but their the exact opposite.

Serious hunter who hide from humans. "Here you will rest" Willow says opening the door to a room full of pillows with a fire in the centre.

All the group files in and once there in the door slams closed before Eternal, Dane and Falcon can step in.

"You three can come this way" Willow says smiling. She leads them to a hall and makes them stop in the centre. Then she approaches a young women sitting in the throne.

She kneels in front of her. "I present the leader and deputy of the group of humans and the Captured One leader" Willow says.

Then Eternal notices Elves lining up the walls.

"Okay, maybe you were right Dane..... this doesnt seem good" She hisses to him. He looks round as does Falcon.

"So, explain why you are here?" the Leader elf says.

"Um, we need to get out and I new that the crystals outside only grow near light" Eternal says.

She begins fidgeting. "Somethings not right" She whispers to Falcon. "We need to leave..... Now"

Eternal throws out her palm and everyone freezes except for the Leader Elf. "I don't think that will work" the elf says.

She clicks her fingers and the elves begin moving again. "Eternal" Falcon hisses.

"My name's Eternity...... and your not the only one who can control time" Eternity says.

"But you wont mess with me cause I can control much more then you" Eternal says hesitantly.

"Of course not..... but until we have an agreement you will not leave" Eternity says. "Take them back to there group"

The End

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