Landed in a LegendMature

Falcon blinks stupidly as he leads the troop into the dining hall. First mermen and now elves. And how do they know Eternal? Or, more to the point, who doesn't? This is just getting wierder and wierder by the moment. He feels Dane move in beside him and looks sidelong at him, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"I don't like this," Dane whispers, "I don't like this at all. This stuff isn't supposed to exist, what's going on?" He fingers his bow worriedly.

"Easy," Falcon mutters, putting a hand on his arm, "They seem friendly. Just stay calm."

Dane tries to look sceptical, but Falcon can see he's scared. Then again, so are most of the others. From what he can deduce, they feel like they've landed in a legend. And they don't seem to be enjoying it, huddling together like deer and looking around with fear in their eyes. Trying to reassure them, Falcon acts as calm and unruffled as he can. Easier said than done when he's almost as freaked out as they are. He steps up to Eternal and hisses in her ear:

"What the heck is going on? You never mentioned there would be elves down here!"

"I didn't know," she replies sharply, "Just go with it will you?"

Easy for you to say, Falcon thinks bitterly, you're the damned immortal in here. And judging from the way some of these elves are looking at us, I don't think they're too keen on humans.

The End

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