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"Where we going?" Dane says as he follows the step climb in the dark up a tunnel which lead off.

"Shh" Eternal hisses. Then she lights a flame in her palm as they come into a cavern.

"Wow" Dane whispers. The cavern is lit with crystals that are sucking in the light from the flame and glowing. Eternal puts the flames out allowing the crystals to light the cave.

"Its called glow stone..... you go fetch the others....... I'll try and find the exit this stuff only grows near light"

"Okay" Dane says then runs off. Eternal adventures into the cavern. Its structured. Just then they all come out.

"Oh, crap" She whispers the bows pointed at her. "Elves"

Dane and the group come up into the cave and freeze. She sees everyones worry. A girl jumps down and approaches Eternal.

"Are you the leader?" She asks.

"Uh, No. Do I look like one?" Eternal says gesturing to her weaponless belt.

"I'm the leader" Falcon says stepping forward.

"Hmph" the elf girl says. "Always male in human society"

"Tell me about it" Eternal mutters but smiles at Falcon as well as The elf girl.

"My name's Eternal"

"The Captured one?" The elf says confused and questioning.

"That's me" Eternal says waving slightly.

"Name's Willow" The elf says. "Welcome to Georgia..... You wont be able to get out until we say"

Then with that we're lead to the dine hall.

"This is great" Eternal whispered.

"Really?" Dane hisses. "I was thinking the exact opposite"

The End

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