Impossible DecisionMature

Falcon watches in utter consternation as Dane streaks off after Eternal. He shakes his head, blood-soaked hair sticking to his face. Not that it really matters, he's pretty much caked in the stuff anyway. He grimaces distastefully. Even though he's still shaking with nerves, he's never felt so disgusting in all his life. Eternal's words still ring in his ears as he leads his group on, trying to keep track of where Dane and Eternal have gone.

I thought you would have worked out that if you dont take that compound....... I will have to watch you die.

Falcon chews his lip, feeling stumped. He reaches down and pulls the compound out of his pocket, looking at the small stone-like thing as he walks along. He twists it between his fingers, examining it. So this thing, this tiny little thing, can make him immortal?

But what sort of a decision is that? How can he choose between his people and Eternal? Why does he have to make that decision? It's impossible, he thinks, it's just impossible. How am I expected to watch my own people die? I've known them for years, they're my family. I can't just sit back and let them die, that would be as bad as betraying them. But then... what about Eternal? Can I let her suffer by watching me die?

He groans and shoves the compound back in his pocket. He'll deal with this problem another time. Even though he knows he shouldn't put it off, he's got to. His own life can wait for later, right now he has to get his friends out of these tunnels alive.

And where the hell have Dane and Eternal gone?

The End

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