Stab = Ouch!Mature

With Falcon distracting the monster Eternal ran round to the back. She grip her sword tight and stabbed down on the tail. The Nighware bucks up screaming.

The Mother and the Children of to each side are screaming too as Falcon cuts up into the monsters belly.

It falls to the left and the group cheers. Eternal looks at the Mother whose curling up and She feels the sadness radiating from it.

Then it burrows down into the ground. It goes straight under them to its children. With a growl at them it lets it children up onto its back and races off.

"I feel sad for it" Eternal whispers.

"Why? It was killing us" Falcon says wiping blood from his face.

"No, Nighwaves when in pairs or with young only attack on defence..... its like their more carefull" Eternal says looking across at him then back at the dead Nightwave.

"It was trying to protect and feed its family" Eternal says. She leans down and touches the Nighwave and it burst into black dust with slow fades.

She stands up and faces Falcon. "It would have lived as long as me if we hadn't killed it" Eternal says. She brings down the force fields and storms off.

The others follow. Falcon catches up to her. "What you on about as long as you?" Falcon whispers.

"Look at me Falcon" I say turning my head to look at him. "Do I look over 100 years old...... Never mind that do I look older than twenty?"

He stares his mouth hanging slightly open. "I thought you would have worked that out by now. I thought you would have worked out that if you dont take that compound....... I will have to watch you die"

Then with that Eternal runs off ahead. "Dane!" She shouts and the man follows her without hesitation.

The End

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