A Desperate PlanMature

Crap crap crap crap crap...

The word echoes in Falcon's mind like a continuous litany as the Nightwave devours its meal, the ones outside the shield still flinging themselves at the walls. Weapons are swiped at the monster but the beast continues it's attack, unstoppable. Falcon hears Dane swear loudly as the creature lunges, gurgling and slopping disgustingly, narrowly missing him. Arrows fly into the creature's skin, but no damage is done.

It's going to kill us, thinks Falcon as he flattens himself against the wall, unless we can stop it it'll kill every one of us. But how to get at the underbelly...

"Eternal!" he calls, scrambling to her side, "We need to make the creature rear somehow. If we can get at the underbelly we can kill it before it gets us. I'll get it facing us, you distract it until we can finish it off. We won't need long, just a few seconds while it's vulnerable."

Eternal opens her mouth to reply, but is inerrupted by a shriek from behind her as another soldier, a woman this time, is pulled into the creatures maw, accmompanied by screams of agony. Another fountain of blood sprays the troop. They have to act fast.

"Everyone fall back!" Falcon calls, "Get out of it's way, hurry!"

They obey, all scrambling to the far side of the shielded area and making themselves as small as possible. The Nightwave gurgles angrily at turns to face them. Falcon swallows and shrieks at it:

"Hey! Over here you great blob! Come and get me!"

The Nightwave turns and begins oozing toward him. Come on Eternal, Falcon thinks desperately, get it up. Preferably before it kills me...

The End

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