Terror echoedMature

Eternal was nervous. Something wasn't right.

That scream wasn't right. She began to file through different monsters and deamons in her head then......

"Oh shit" She cursed. "Falcon"

He turned to look at her. "What is it?" he whispers.

"I know what is attacking us...... and dont scream but this ooze....... its blood" Eternal whispers.

Falcon freeze as does people close to us having heard the words Eternal spoke. "Oh god" Mary whispers.

"Whats attacking us?" Falcon whispers.

"A Nightwave.... aka a meat shreader" Eternal says. A growl comes from the back then a high pitched scream. 

Eternal turns throwing out a shield to defend the back of the group. The Nightwave slams into it. A blob of blackness and teeth.

"Oh god" squels Mary again.

Everyone backs away from the shield wall. Then Eternal spins putting another one the other way just as a baby Nightwave jumps at Falcon.

"Shit" Falcon says as three more attack the wall.

"We have a problem" Eternal mutters. "We're in a Nightwave nest.......... but wheres the Dad?"

Just then the ground rumbles and a Nightwave burst from the ground. Everyone draws there swords.

"Nightwave's are like Dragons there only weakness is the soft underbelly...... problem is those claws and teeth are poisoness on touch" Eternal whispers.

Then to show off the Nightwave swipes at a soldier and spears him to the ground. His screams fill the air. Then we watch discusted as the creature puts the mans body into its mouth.

The blood spews everywhere covering us in it. "I'm never wearing these clothes again" Mary whispers.

The End

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