Scream in the DarkMature

A wet ooze dripped from the roof of the tunnel and small pebbles clattered underfoot as Falcon and Eternal lead the group down the narrow passageway. It was almost pitch dark, with only the flickering of a few small torches lighting the way, their tiny patches of brightness seeming pathetically small against the ever-encroaching darkness. A stench hung in the air, an old mouldy smell like a centuries old crypt, punctuated here and there with the stink of rotting mould.

Falcon smothered a sneeze, watching the shadows twisting ahead of them, scarcely blinking and listening for the slightest sound. It was cold, and the group's breath spiralled and twisted in front of them in white, ghostly whisps. And the further away from the surface they got, the more the cold seemed to intrude, eating into their bones, although the temperature itself stayed fairly constant. Falcon felt as if every sensory nerve in his body was set on overdrive, as if he was hard-wired to detect even the slightest movement. The sheer closeness of the walls made him uncomfortable and he kept close to Eternal, as if to reassure himself he wasn't alone in the blackness.

Suddenly there came a muffled cry from the back of the group. Falcon whipped around, but before he could draw his sword a low growling began to eminate from a shadowy cavern a few paces back. The growling got louder and a great thudding shook the tunnel as if some great creature was on the move. Then, just as suddenly as it had started, all was silent. For one moment nobody moved. Then an ear-splitting scream of terror split the air, a cry so high in pitch it made Falcon's head ring. Eventually it died away, to be replaced by a sound of crunching and once again that low, threatening  growling. Someone let out a gasp and cried a name into the darkness. There was no reply. Whoever had screamed was gone.

"Keep moving." Falcon called as softly as he could, "And keep together. You at the back, keep an eye out for things coming up behind us."

The group moved off, their pace faster this time. Falcon felt his skin come out in goosepimples. Whatever it was that had taken its victim from the back of the line, he doubted it would be the last they would encounter.

He just hoped they got it, before it got them.

The End

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