Long SleepMature

Eternal didn't know what to do but she found herself returning to the alcove  where she sat down back against the wall.

Then Falcon came round the corner. "Mind if I sit with you?" he asks.

"No" Eternal whispers. Falcon sits next to her so close her whole right side of her body touches his left. She find herself curling up next to him and resting her head in his lap.

Then after a moments hesistation he rests his arms around her..... Cradling her close to him.

"What do you think will be in those tunnels?" Falcon whispers. Eternal feels his hands in her hair stroking it softly.

"Probably minor deamons and monster....... Hopefully nothing to bad..... Worse I can think of would be a Minotaur but....." She shrugs. "It wont be a problem with so many of us. And I dont think it would live in such small tunnels"

Falcon nods then leans down to kiss Eternal's cheek. "You need to sleep..... Do you want me to go?"

He begins to stand up but Eternal grips one of his wrists. "Don't go" she whispers. He sighs and lies down next to her.

"Fine" he mumbles. Eternal creates then each a pillow then a blanket falls over both of them and she moves closer to Falcon..... molding herself to his chest.

"Goodnight" Eternal whispers.


The End

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