Falcon snarls under his breath, trying to figure out what to do. Dammit, he should have known this was a bad place to stop. No alternate escape routes. Blast.

People are panicking all around, trying desperately to shift the rock on the doorway. Falcon groans, then places two fingers either side of his mouth and wolf-whistles loudly. The panic stops and everyone looks to him.

"Listen up!" he calls, "We've got to follow the tunnels out of here. We'll make a start in the morning, until then we need to be on our guard. Three sentries further down the tunnel, watch change every hour. If you see anything, no matter how vague you think it is, wake someone. Most importantly, do not go any further into the tunnels on your own. We don't know what's in there, so stay near the group. Keep your weapons close, and get a fire going in here!"

He turns away, walking up to the boulder that's fallen over the entrance. He can almost hear Shadow's taunting laughter in his ears, that harsh gloating sound. Get out of this if you can, it sneers. Falcon snarls and slammes his fist into the rock. Can they ever get away from this? No matter how far they run, no matter where they hide, they just can't get away. He glares at the rock for a few more moments before turning away and sitting in the corner. Everyone else is attempting to settle down, always glancing into the dark shadows beyond the ring of fire.

It's going to be a long night...

The End

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