Waking from a dreamMature

"Eternal!" She knows the voice. "Eternal, wake up!"

Eternal jolts up into a sitting position. She spots Dane and smiles. "She's awake"  he shouts. Falcon rushes in and Eternal sees the relief on his face. "How long was I out?" Eternal mutters.

Falcon runs over and pulls her into his arms. "The whole day..... its night now" He mutter into her neck. Then she sees Dane walking off over Falcon's shoulder.

Then sher realises the area they were in was an alcove. Not sperate but slightly descrete.

"You scared me half to death..... It was worse since you mentioned Shadow"  Falcon whispers.

The dream before that last part comes rushing back to her. She jumps back. "We need to get out of this cave" Eternal says suddenly.

"What? Eternal" He follows me out of the alcove just as the rock slams down on the entrance.

People scream. Eternal lights a flame in her palm and holds it high. "I'm going to kill Shadow" I hiss.

"Is he doing this?..... How did you know?" Falcon says looking at her which a frown.

"Shadow knocked me out as a warning...... then he sent me a dream" Eternal hisses. "God I hate fire deamons even if he is only half"

I throw the fire at the blocked exit and yell in frustration. The only light now comes from the camp fire.

"What are we going to do to get out?" Falcon asks.

"Follow the maze....... but they'll be more than us in those passageways" She whispers.

The End

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