On the RunMature

Being the one with the faster reactions, it's Dane who catches Eternal before she hits the ground. He yelps, she's a good deal heavier than he expected, but Falcon is swift to lift the unconscious girl into his arms. He snarls, he knows Shadow will stop at nothing to get his hands on her. If Shadow wants it, he'll do anything he can to get it. He won't even stop at murder, as Falcon knows.

"Come on," he says, "We need to move. If Shadow catches us we'll really be in trouble."

Almost as one, the group scramble to their feet and set off, moving as fast as they can without running. They head for the deepest part of the forest, keeping low and trying to stay as silent as possible, as if any sound could alert Blaze to their presence. Falcon slings Eternal over his shoulder in an ungainly Fireman's Lift, feeling slightly guilty as she bounces slightly across his shoulders. They move fast, trying to gain what distance they can and constantly winding back and forth through the trees in an attempt to confuse their pursuers.

Falcon sends Dane and two others off ahead to scout their path, knowing the risk they run of falling into a pincer movement if they aren't careful. Shadow may be vicious, but he's clever too, and he knows Falcon won't give Eternal up without a fight. It'll be over my cold dead corpse, Falcon thinks bitterly. Then he remembers the tiny pebble-like thing in his pocket. Didn't Alec say something about giving whoever ate it immortality, or something like that at  least? Falcon pushes the thought aside, no, he won't use that. He has no wish to outlive his loved ones, and besides, it seems like the cowards way out in a situation like this. Only if the worst happens, he tells himself. But until then, they've just got to keep running.

Finally they reach a fork in the road. Dane and the two others stand at the junction, fidgeting irritably.

"Which was is it?" Dane hisses angrily, shifting from foot to foot as if standing on hot coals. "I don't remember this being here before."

"We must have come by a different route," says Falcon, "We've got to keep going north, so we'll keep to the left. Get out ahead again, if anything seems wrong then get back to us as fast as you can. Be careful."

Dane nods and leads his two companions off ahead into the trees again, the trio soon vanishing into the trees ahead. Falcon and his company follow, constantly twisting around to check for signs of pursuit. And yet, although they can't see anything, a gnawing fear clenches their hearts. Something evil is following them. And it's getting closer with every passing moment...

The End

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