The closing in group of Frost soldiers was worrying. Like Blaze, Frost's queen had a right hand person called Rio.

He was more.... intelligent then using the attack route on everything. Eternal fidgetted a lot when the news came.

She followed at the back Mary walking next to her chatting away. "I think Frost will win. Blaze are too hot-headed. I mean at least Frost have a strategy"

She continued speaking but Eternal race up ahead to stand next to Falcon. "If Frost are advancing.... Blaze will lengthened there search for me" She says quietly so only Falcon and Dane close by can hear me.

"How do we avoid them?" Dane asks.

"A Northen route will be best" Eternal says simply looking back at the group.

"We'll need to catch up with the others first" Falcon says. He looks at her with worry.

"Okay" Eternal runs off to the left and climbs up the tree all the way to the top. She stands on a branch and looks out.

5 miles west she can see a small battle in a village. Eternal shakes her head then climbs down. Everyone's waiting at the bottom.

"5 miles to the west" Just then a pain lances through Eternal and she grips her stomach.

"Eternal! Eternal!" the shouts are muffled to her ears.  Get out of this one Eternal, Its Shadows voice and it echoes through her skull.

She looks up at Falcon and the others even ones who didnt like her seem to have pity. "Shadow" She whispers then passes out.

The End

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