Move OutMature

Dawn arrived with a mixture of consternation, alarm and  delight  among the group. Eternal's re-appearance had been a surprise to some, and many were utterly confused by her actions. Some, those who still saw her as nothing but a danger, seemed to despair as Falcon lead her back into the cave. Little Mary on the other hand, who had remained very quiet over the past few days, was positively elated to see Eternal back and almost knocked the wind out of her when she hugged her.

However, by the time everyone had eaten, packed their gear and finally got on the move, everything seemed almost back to normal. Aside from those who disliked Eternal, almost everyone seemed to simply accept her presence as they would anyone else's, some even incling their heads by way of a greeting when they passed her.

Falcon himself couldn't have been happier. It seemed to him that, after all the carnage of the past few days, his life had finally come together. He had the trust of his people, the unshakeable loyalty of his second in command and now the love of his life. Evidently there was a light at the end of every tunnel. All they needed now was a safe place to wait out the conflict.

However, just before midday, as the group were resting under the shade of a large tree, a young woman came scampering up to him.

"Frost are on the move," she said, "I think they're moving in for a surprise attack on Blaze now the weather's cleared up. They aren't far off, probably no more than a few minutes, but there's a hell of a lot of them. They've got a whole army on the march!"

"Shit," muttered Falcon under his breath. Evidently all wasn't as well as it seemed. If Frost were advancing, it wouldn't be long before Blaze found out. Then there would be trouble.

"Move out!" he called out to the group, "Large group of Frost heading our way, let's go!"

And, he added mentally, just for once, don't let them find us...

The End

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