Eternal watched Falcon carefully. He wasn't moving. "Maybe this was a bad idea" it was only from Falcons expression that she knew she had spoke the words aloud.

"Don't leave" he whispers.

Eternal looks at him her heart pounding her blood flowing with adrenaline. She needed to calm down.

"I've always done whats best for others........" she mutters looking at the floor. "I want to be selfish for once"

Falcon blinks shocked looking at her. Eternal looks up meeting his eyes. "Me coming back is selfish. It endagers you..... the group but........ I've never wanted something so badly that I would look past all the dangers just to have it"

Falcons steps forwards then another. His sword clatters to the ground and he strides across the mud to pull her into his arms. He burys his face in her neck and grips her close tightly.

Eternal hesitates then slowly wraps her arms back round him. "Don't ever do that again" he mutters. "Never"

"If.... if the danger gets bigger I wi-"

"N0!" Falcon says pulling back to look at her. "Never besides..... I thought you were training Dane he needs some disapline"

Eternal holds back her laughter then looks up. She feels so small. A mouse in the claws of a tiger...... or was it a lion, I cant remember the childs tale.

Eternal nods. "Okay.... one condition"

He looks worried. "What?" he asks.

"Don't die" Eternal whispers tracing his face with her fingers. The rain continues to fall the night slowly finishing.

The End

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