Awake in the DarkMature

Falcon felt something was different almost instantaneously. All around him most of the group were asleep, blankets pulled close around them and shivering slightly in the cold. Only Falcon remains awake, staring into the dark, mind too preoccupied to sleep. Dane lies a short way off, curled defensively on his side, sword and bow both within reach. Even though he'd seen nothing on his watch, he was still convinced there was something watching them.

Now, alone in the dark, Falcon was beginning to feel that way too. It hadn't been long until both Dane and his fellow sentry had returned, too cold and tired to carry on. They hadn't bothered posting others as they knew they would be gone before dawn. Falcon was beginning to think that was a bad idea as the feeling that they were not alone increased. He was sure he could hear something scuffing around nearby.

Getting silently to his feet, Falcon unsheathed his sword and began to creep out of the cave. He needed to check, the paranoia was driving him mad. He contemplated waking someone else to come with him, but decided that a simple hunch was not enough to go on. If the worst came to the worst, his cries would wake them anyway.

Finally, he reached a safe distance from the lee and called softly through the dark:

"Who's there? Show yourself?"

There was no reply at first, but still Falcon stood there, taut as a bowstring, ready for anything, ears straining. Braced for the slightest sound.

Then, someone stepped forward out of the shadows near the entrance. Falcon whipped around, sword raised, but when he saw who it was he froze in his tracks.

It was Eternal.

The End

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