Jump up and DownMature

Eternal ran. She had to jump over a lot of things and duck under some others. Curse her fear and sadness which are causing the rain.

Will she be able to find them now though? Now that they've moved on. Eternal stopped she looked up letting the rain hit her face. "Standing here's just gonna make you cold"

She turns to spot Alec sitting on a rock holding a hand made umbrella over his head completely made of metal. Hard to open and close.

"Where we're to keeping that?" Eternal asks.

"Oh it has two uses now.... When its closed its as sharp as a blade. So I use it for that" Alec says smiling sheepishly.

Eternal laughs then becomes serious. "Do you know where they went?" She asks.

Alec shakes his head. "Sorry, Eternal. I know the direction but not where they stopped to escape the rain" Then he smiles and Eternal knows he was joking. He hops down and walks over to stand next to her.

He hold the umbrella over both of them. "You know Eternal. Leaving like that scared Falcon half to death" he says shaking his head.

"Yes, and now I'm being selfish. Cause I'm sticking with him weather he likes it or not" She says strongly.

Alec shakes his head then begins to walk. The trod through the mud and Eternal kept it off from sticking to her boots.

Then Alec stopped. Ahead of him stood an open small cave.

"Are they...." Eternal whispers. Alec nods.

"I'm going though" Alec says. Eternal looks at him confused but he just rubs her cheek with his thumb and strides off leaving her to face the cave.

The End

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