In the RainMature

The downpour started about ten minutes after the group left the caves. Falcon pulled the hood of his cloak up over his head, hearing Dane snarl irritably beside him. The rain falls hard and fast and before long every member of the company is drenched to the skin. At least it'll hide the tears, Falcon thinks, heart twinging as he remembers. No, he's got to keep that out of his mind. Besides, it hurts too much to remember anyway.

Finally they reach a suitable place. It's little more than a sheltered lee beneath a high ridgeway, but it's the best they have for now. They'll have to move in the morning though, this place is simply too good for an ambush. Falcon turns to Dane, the ghost of a smile crossing his face as he sees the bedraggled state his friend is in. Dane catches his look and glares:

"Don't make me stick an arrow up your behind." he hisses, shifting the enormous bow - almost as high as Dane's own midriff - dangerously in Falcon's direction.

"I wouldn't dream of making any such comments," Falcon replies, "Now come on, let's find somewhere out of the rain. Gods know we need a rest now. Post a couple of sentries, can't have anyone realising we're here. And no fires, that'll give us away too easily."

Dane nods, "Not as if we could get one going anyway. Think it's going to start thundering soon. Just our luck."

With that he moves off, sodden hair hanging down his face like the fur of some semi-drowned rat, shrugging the bow off his shoulder and re-stringing it. Hopefully the wood won't have swelled too much to render it useless, thinks Falcon, although I doubt he'll need it in this weather. Doubt Frost or Blaze would bother trying to find us in this weather.

None the less, he keeps his eyes open as he moves among the group, checking that everyone is here and safe. Well, as safe as they'll ever be. The rain intensifies, but everyone's already drenched anyway. Having finished his rounds, Falcon moves off to the edge of the camp into a small patch of sheltered ground and stares off into the angry grey sky, watching the rain fall and wondering.

Where is she now?

The End

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