Causing PainMature

Eternal cries and then the cloud begins to rumble. She's causing a storm. Lightning stricks down and she hears screaming.

Eternal blots up and look over the edge of the cloud at the village below. "Oh gosh" She calms herself the storm disapearing.

She cant harm any more people. If only I could die, She thinks. But she know she can't....... She never can. Unless its a sacrifice..... to save someone else.

But then they'll get the curse...... Maybe thats how she got it?

"I've been so blind" Eternal says falling back onto the cloud. "I must of had an old life but it was taken from me when I got this... this curse"

The only name for such knowledge and power. It causes her so much pain. "But who could have given it me?"

Then it comes to her......

It was past on genetically. Her mother...... she died to save her and when her mother died it was activated....... And her father died.

Eternal begins to sob. "Why? Why?" She whispers.

Then she realises what she just did. She left Falcon like her parents left her..... to protect her.

But...... Its for the best right? She thinks uncertaintly. But how does she feel? Is what they did for her made everything better?

No...... Eternal stands up. "I need to find him.... he may has his group but he's all that I've got now..... Maybe selfish but I dont care" she says gripping her hands tight into fists.

Then she jumps from the cloud. Time to get looking.

The End

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