Moving OnMature

"Eternal!" Falcon calls after her, but she's already gone. Only the cold emptiness of the cavern remains, his words echoing around like the cries of tormented ghosts.

"Come back," he whispers, eyes beginning to brim with tears. How could she do that? Didn't she know what she was doing to him? How could she expect him to just forget everything like that?

He stands there for what feels like hours, silent tears streaming down his face. It gets colder, but he doesn't notice. No matter how much he shivers, it's nothing compared to the ice-cold void that sits like a stone inside him, devoid of any emotion but misery. He doesn't even have the strength to be angry any more.

Even Dane's sudden entry through the back of the cavern isn't enough to move him. It's as if his mind has momentarily left his body and he's seeing everything from some far-off plane. Dane himself doesn't say a word, he just moves closer to stand at Falcon's side. Falcon stands motionless for a few more moments, then turns to his second, eyes as flat and cold as stones at the bottom of a river.

"She's gone." he says emptily.

Dane sighs and puts an arm around Falcon's shoulders: "I'm sorry," he says defeatedly. "I really am. Come on, we're ready to go. Wherever she's gone, she won't come back here."

Falcon nods mutely and lets Dane lead him out of the cavern. People look up as they move past, but some sharp looks from Dane silence any questions that may have been asked. Finally the group begin to wind their way out through the tunnels, heading for the surface light ahead. Falcon steps into the lead, but lets Dane make the directive decisions - the pale warrior still staying close by him.

As they emerge out into the twilight and move off into the trees, Falcon throws a final desperate look over his shoulder, hoping against all hope that Eternal will emerge from the shadowy cavern. But his hope is in vain and, as he walks away, a small voice speaks up in the back of his mind.

She's not coming back, it says. She's gone.

Gone for good.

The End

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