Lets TalkMature

Eternal takes deep breaths. She's sitting floating above the lake. She knows she's safe the mer wont risk getting out of the water to get her.

Even if she embarassed there king. "Eternal"

She looks up to see Falcon on the rock close to the lake. "We need to talk" He says looking at her intently.

Then she's standing next to him and he jumps in shock. "Let's talk. Talk about what?"

"Well....." It was like he changd his mind on what he was gonna say. "We're moving off again" he says looking away.

Eternal feels some sort of loss. "Okay..... I'll stay here it.... it might be-"

"No" Falcon said it so suddenly it was like the words were ripped from his mouth. Even he looked shocked. "I mean it's not..... safe alone"

"I think it would be best for the group"

"What about us?" Falcon snaps. He seems confused again. Its more like he's trying to keep these words and feelings locked away but with each word Eternal says about leaving they snap through.

"Are you okay?" Eternal asks.

"I don't why I keep saying those things" he whispers looking away. She puts a hand to his cheek.

"I have to leave" Eternal whispers. She trys to walk away but he grabs her wrist. She turns to look back at him. "I'm sorry"

Then Eternal teleports out of his grip..... out of the cave........ all the way up into the sky where she falls to the cloud thickening it to support her.

Then Eternal cries.

The End

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