As Eternal flees, Falcon groans in exasperation and slaps his forehead. What's got into him? Why can't he make up his mind about her? Does he hate her or love her?

"Make up your mind nimrod!" he hisses to himself. Dane looks over at him, one eyebrow raised. Falcon shrugs and changes tack:

"Send out a couple of scouts to look for more of them, we'll move off and join the others at nightfall. If they know where we are, we can't stay here. Even with Eternal watching us, we can't be sure we won't suffer some casualties."

Two men obediently scamper off through the trees. The others, having finished their grisly task, follow Falcon and Dane back into the caves. Falcon remains silent, chewing his lip thoughtfully. What can he do about Eternal? If she won't talk to him, how is he supposed to tell them they're moving off? Should he even tell her?

"Go on." comes Dane's voice from beside him. Falcon turns around in surprise to find his second looking at him, a knowing look in his mist-white eyes. "Go talk to her, I'll hold the fort. Whether you like her or not, you've got some issues to sort yourselves out. Go on you great lummox, before she gets away."

"Thanks Dane," says Falcon, grasping his shoulder momentarily  before moving off after Eternal with a mixture of hope and dread. Yes, they need to talk. But what will the talking tell them?

The End

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