Eternal sat mumbling the words over and over. "He hates me.... He'll forgive me..... He hates me.... He'll-"

Then men burst through the cave entrance. Falcon and Dane are standing at the front and they all seem out of breath. Eternal freezes at picking of another petal.

"Hey guys" She says plucking off the petal and tossing it into the wind so it floats over the sleeping soldiers like the rest.

Its very beautiful the many petals floating in the air above the sleeping soldier who look peaceful and calm..... at peace.

"What the hell did you do?" Dane says shocked.

Falcon's still looking at her. She knows he heard her chanting. She looks away and at Dane.

"Hypnosis" Eternal says. "I could teach you that even a adverage human could do it"

She stretches. "Now either kill them or they're gonna wake up" Eternal says hoping down from the rock.

She walks straight pass them and down the tunnel. "That girl is starting to seem cool" Dane notes and even all the men around him have to agree.

Eternal smiles to herself. Even though she's still called Witch at least she's gaining trust.

"Eternal" Falcon's voice yells. She can smell the blood meaning the task is done. But she cant face him.........

Even though theres nothing in between them she feels guilty. She picks up her feet and legs it down the tunnel.

Please dont let him catch me up.

The End

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