Eternal runs down the hallways to the main cavern. Dane follows quickly behind her but still behind her.

Eternal scans the chaos and see's Alec talking to Falcon. Falcon's face goes slightly red and Eternal can hear the words.

"She loves you not me.... Here" Alec hands Falcon a small pebble. "You should have that"

"What is it? And Eternal's yours not mine" Falcon stays staring down at the stone. Which Eternal knows is not a stone but a compound.

"That is a choice weather you want to stay with her or not. Its the immortal compound.... it will make you unkillable if you eat it" Alec says he begins to turn but quickly says a few last words. "She broke up with me you know..... Eternal's never does that sort of thing...... Well she's never once done it before"

Then Alec walks off. Falcon turns and spots Eternal. She watches her heart leaping. His eyes then flicker to Dane behind her which gives her a chance to escape.

She walks off and Dane follows her a step behind until Falcon calls him. "Dane!"

Eternal stops and both her and Dane look across at him as he stares intently back. "Go on then" Eternal sighs.

"See you later Witch" he says walking off. While Eternal still hates the name she just pouts, straighten her back and walk off towards the entrance to the cave.

She'll deal with the intruders.

The End

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